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What are the Effects of Drone Tech on Business and Logistics?

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Drone technology is one of the most fascinating and fast-paced in the world at the moment. It is being increasingly used by businesses to deliver, to survey and to aid in creating reports. Drones have a commercial use right now, and they will have a place in the future of business and logistics too. As we look for more environmentally-friendly ways of making our companies work, drones are very useful in this area. So, what are the effects of drone tech on business and logistics in the world today?

1. Shipping costs

One of the effects of drone technology on business and logistics is the reduction in shipping costs. Drones have been trialled by Amazon UK to deliver goods to consumers to their door via the air. The use of drones in shipping/delivery means that there is a lesser cost for petrol or diesel, no congestion to deal with on roads and no drivers to pay, hence the cheaper cost of delivery as an effect of drone tech on business and logistics.

Shipping costs are almost certainly going to reduce as an impact of drone technology, which is good both for the business and the consumer too.

2. Shipping time

Another effect of drone tech on business and logistics is the time it takes for goods to be delivered to people’s door.

Amazon Prime Air set the pace quite literally with their delivery drone which reached customers of the trial delivery service within the same day as they ordered. Instead of a truck being loaded from a warehouse, the click on a website will instruct a drone to pick up the order itself, load, then deliver to the customer who ordered it.

This development and effect of drone technology is immense in terms of a fast-paced consumer culture, which of course directly influences business and logistics. If our lives are speeding up in terms of consumerism, the future of businesses will be even more competitive than it is now, which is something that no one at the moment can truly imagine.

3. Returns like you’ve never seen them before

The logistics industry has been looking at reforming their returns policies in the most instant-like way they possibly could for years now. Drone technology can be credited with pushing out the old returns policy of heading to the post office with your taped-up bag and package inside. Instead, ‘heavy duty’ drones as they are called can be despatched and returns can be done in a much quicker fashion than ever before.

With a decrease of return time comes a decrease of complaints about a business’ returns policy. This is perhaps one of the major effects of drone tech on business and logistics – it reduces everyone’s energy output by cutting the rubbish.

4. Businesses reach rural areas

For what may be the first time in history, the effects of drone tech on business and logistics mean that those living in rural areas can actually be reached correctly and quickly when having products delivered.

It is not very often that businesses connect with those living in rural and remote areas in such an intimate way as they do with drone technology, so this impact is particularly special. And it’s one that can forever set a standard for business and consumer relationships in terms of expectations on both sides.

5. The government catching up

It is ever-typical of governments to be the last ones to catch on to the new drone trend in business and logistics, coming in to make new laws after a big, inevitable mistake is made.

However, one effect of drone tech on business and logistics will be further regulation on their output and indeed what kinds of aircraft they choose to use. For example, those building a quadcopter have to obey certain aircraft regulations, and still have to when flying their finished product. This will be the case with business and logistics too – the government will absolutely have to bring in new laws on unmanned aircraft. At the moment, for example, the US has placed heavy restrictions on the use of commercial drones following complaints from commercial aircraft pilots.

It’s important to be aware of this effect of drone tech on business and logistics due to the fact that it could actually put a stopper in the flow of this brand new way of satisfying customers.

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