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Topic – Growth of Digital Marketing Industry in India

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The digital marketing scope in India is immense as more than 600 million Internet users (and growing) turn to their smartphones and videos to take decisions regarding entertainment, education, shopping, medical procedures, property purchases, and everything else in life.

The question being asked now is – could digital marketing overshadow its current scope? The answer is an emphatic ‘yes’. The scope as it stands today indicates 90 million worth of digital transactions; and the figure predicted for 2025 stands at one trillion.  From marketers’ perspective, this is just the beginning – 34% are already using digital marketing strategies to fuel growth. As the shift to online transactions transcends shopping barriers for social classes, conservative figures estimate small businesses and traders are going to join the digital bandwagon to meet the demands of their respective, and prospective, consumers. In the near future, it is expected that several public and private enterprises will depend on online marketing for their growth.

Digital Marketing Scope

The industry is shaping out to become one of its kind markets, as the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation is claiming 2013 to 2018 as the golden era of digital marketing in India. The country is surely up for a digital uprising and in fact, the funding is already colossal. About $1.5 billion investments were marked in the short span of 2013 to 2015 towards Indian agencies. So, the best is yet to come.

Digital marketing overcomes so-called geographical foundations and introduces business with a completely new set of potential customers opening new scope for investments. And why not – 72% of the total digital marketing agency experts believe they need to switch to the digital methods to be in the race.

The scope of the concept covers the vast markets of E-commerce, Social Media, Pay Per Click advertising, SEO, online content, and many others. As businesses, in the remotest corners of the country align themselves with global standards, a new line of businesses and professionals are poised to take over the industry. The two major tools they have at their disposal are Mobile and Video Marketing.

Mobile Marketing

Google, the biggest search engine, has shifted its focus to mobile-first index, and every digital agency India has no option but to sit up and take notice. Statistics for the US already show that 72% of all US digital ad spending by 2019 will be for mobile advertising. That is less than a year away, and Indian marketers are fully-aware of the potential of marketing directly to an individual customer.

Marketing Land has clearly stated even for offline purchases, 90% of shoppers, owning a smartphone, will turn to the online medium to reach a decision. This is the power of digital marketing that businesses and marketing professionals will need to leverage in the future to stay in the reckoning.

Video Marketing

Video marketing stats are equally staggering, and defining, for the scope of digital marketing. After all, 51% of the professionals, know video gets the best ROI (Return on Investment) as it can drive organic traffic by a whopping 157%. The reason is purely scientific – an audio-visual content has a 90% higher retention rate when compared to textual content.

For those looking for a piece of the pie, keep in mind that consumption of bit-sized videos will increase. If you want to stand out against the millions of videos posted online, a great video is not going to be enough. Digital marketing growth via Video SEO, Video optimization and other tools is going to gain importance.

In a nutshell, the growth of digital marketing is in direct proportion to the rising use of smartphones and the Internet. But nothing prepared industry watchers for the fast-paced changing trends, from cumbersome desktops to laptops to mobile & video, all within a decade. As for today, every digital marketing agency will tell you, the scope for the industry is headed north, as dependency on online tools and resources continues to increase for both marketers and customers.

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