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Top 8 Social Media Marketing Tips

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To make the most of your online marketing campaigns, your business needs to be a bit like an octopus with its legs sprawled out in every direction or like the roots of a large oak tree that explore every nook and cranny of surrounding terrain to take in the maximum amount of water and nutrients and help it grow.

Social media is one of the more prominent online channels for reaching customers. Your business may be in financial services, or a salon or maybe a restaurant or retail store, social media has marketing potential for all businesses. While we know growing a customer base and brand recognition via social media marketing is effective, it can also prove ineffective if you don’t know how to do it.

Here are 8 top tips to help you grow your business through ads and interactions on social media sites:

1. Customize Content For Each Channel

You don’t have to necessarily be on every social media channel, but whichever sites you do choose to create a presence on should receive customized attention.

Each social site is different, and it’s not best practice to simply repost the exact same content and ads everywhere.

Consider changing your “persona” to match that of the site or of the target audience you hope to reach on that particular site. Also switch up content type (video, pics, text), tone, and CTAs in accord with your specific customer-action goals for that site.

2. Be Consistent But Versatile

Organize a schedule for your posts and keep track of them with new tools like “Edgar.” Edgar allows you to post consistently while avoiding being overly redundant. Plus, it lets you schedule periodic re-posts of your most popular posts – but not too close together.

3. Use One Great Hashtag

For those who market on Twitter, it may be tempting to constantly use random hashtags. But the better approach is to craft a single, memorable, and easy-to-spell hashtag to tie all your posts together and build recognition.

4. Turn Tweets/Posts Into Blogs

One great way to get topics and content for blog posts that you know will be popular is to mine it from Twitter Tweets and Facebook posts that have already proven their worth. You can use your own or get ideas from popular posts you’ve left comments on.

5. Use LinkedIn Publisher

Anyone advertising on LinkedIn should immediately take advantage of their Publisher feature. This helpful tool can greatly expand your views, likes, and comments beyond your raw number of current followers!

6. Use Links With Pictures

Visual content grabs attention, but only links will lead people to your website or blog site. There’s no reason these two tools can’t be effectively combined. A link in a picture slideshow, for example, could lead viewers to related content on your blog pages or to relevant product pages on your website.

7. Follow Visitors to Social Sites

Not only seek to gain website visitors through social media marketing but also install retargeting tools that allow you to “follow” website visitors to social sites, where a “Like Us” ad can be displayed. It can cost as little as 15 cents to pick up a new follower, and that can ultimately yield a very high ROI.

8. Analyze Before Posting

Most people analyze data metrics after making social posts, and of course, that’s a great way to track your campaign’s success. But BuzzSumo allows you to analyze the current effectiveness of topics and keywords on specific social sites before making your post!

Using these eight, and more social media marketing strategies to build brand recognition, and drive eyeballs to your website.