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Tips for Using a Conference App for Internal Business Meetings

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Events and conference apps can help you consolidate your team in numerous ways. Sending real-time updates, schedules and alerts within your department helps to keep everyone in the loop and on the same wavelength. Organizing meetings and sharing agendas is made far easier and pretty much instant. It’s a fantastic tool for business that is taking off on a wide scale!

Here’s all the reasons why organizing and holding internal meetings is made far simpler with the use of an app perfect for events.

Conference Apps for Big Businesses

If your company comprises of multiple departments and employs over 50 people, using conference apps for rounding up the troops will prove a huge benefit. Especially if you have company cell phones, installing an event app as a requirement ensures that everyone gets the same push notifications and alerts – meaning they’ll never miss a meeting.

Got an important speaker coming at 3pm? Inform your employees in the morning with a simple notification. As the day progresses and the speaker is running late, no worries – you can send instant updates to the team, telling them to keep working for another hour until the visitor arrives.

Not only do conference apps allow you to inform your group, but also mean that your group can inform you. Participation functions in conference apps like MeetApp allow meeting attendees to:

  • Ask questions digitally. Questions could be collected into a bank and discussed at the end.
  • Provide real time feedback. This could be analyzed by managers after the meeting to inform subsequent meetings. Employees could suggest points to expand on in next week’s meeting or make comments about proposals.
  • Vote in polls. Ask employees to vote on their favorite pitch of the meeting.

This data will allow group leaders and event organizers to curate better meetings, workshops and conferences in future. Participants can vote anonymously to provide accurate feedback data.

Using Conference Apps Within a Small Team

While large-scale cooperation is made simpler with the use of an interactive app, they’re equally useful for small teams. One big advantage of this is engaging a small group with interactive functions in a business meeting. Create polls and quizzes for your team to feed back their honest opinions with. Instantly send social media content to all participants, so that they can see it, discuss it and engage with it properly instead of gathering around one laptop screen.

Users can also take notes on the app during the meeting using the notes function, and store them for future reference. The app then gives the opportunity to send these notes via email to peers or colleagues, enabling the simple sharing of data. Ensure that everyone in the business is on the same page by regularly communicating what everyone is working on – this is made easy with your conference app’s sharing function.

Visual aids can easily be displayed to the entire meeting with a projection feature: data shown on your cell phone app can be projected onto a big screen so that everyone can view graphs, agendas, and talking points. This is a great feature for creative endeavors – organizers can create a full slide show to display to the whole team.

Bringing the Business Together

All in all, these apps are hugely beneficial tools to organize and engage any team, whatever its size. Whether you’re trying to mobilize 100 people or 10, gathering everyone together has never been simpler!

Push notification features ensure that everyone knows their schedules, and in-meeting interactivity functions mean that everyone plays a part in the meeting and each person’s voice is heard.

Creating a meeting group is as simple as making a few clicks on your phone. Invite participants, set a time and date, and press send – it’s that easy! Conference apps are an up-and-coming business management tool that users adore. Find out why today by downloading one to try out – we recommend MeetApp and Noodle Live.

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