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The Importance of Touch in Meetings


The AV industry moves very fast, with new releases and updates happening monthly. One of the most significant developments in the recent years, especially within the AV industry, is the use of touch. Nearly all of us are used to this by now, as we’ve had touch screens on our smartphones like the iPhone for a few years now and the touch screen technology has transcended to all types of products including many in the home like the refrigerator. In the business it’s in use too where keypads and keyboards may soon be obsolete.

Kinly, a visual collaboration solutions and services provider, believe the most significant development of the past quarter century is removal of the keyboard. In March 2018 edition of Installation Magazine, Kinly Chief Marketing Officer Knut Bentzen states “Steve Jobs taught us how we can touch our computer with our finger to operate it, which of course was revolutionary at the time and hence the proliferation of systems now using touch as opposed to keyboards. Using touch, voice recognition and who knows maybe other ways of entering and interacting with information into our data systems will become the norm.

Kinly’s Design Philosophy

Fitting right in with Kinly’s design philosophy, it’s a “single tool that will make a difference”. Since we’re all used to using our phone, many of us it’s essentially an extension of our hand and we use it 24 hours a day, so it’s only natural that technology advances alongside that. Streamlining how we activate and use systems has varied over the years and it’s confused a lot of people so aligning everything to use just touch and from a single device i.e. the smartphone removes confusion and need for training. This in turn speeds up the acquisition of new technology and the products that use it especially within business.

AV in meetings

Take the meeting room for example. Designing meeting rooms with this in mind is imperative, allowing users to easily plug in and get to work without spending so much time setting up. In traditional meeting rooms there’s a lot of wasted time, with people adapting their work to the meeting room they’re in. Developments are being made to adapt these rooms to the user and their work specifically, so that when you’re in a hurry and have work to complete, you can just get to work straight away. Designing meeting room devices to be more like phones helps in this regard exponentially.

Additionally for meetings it will get smarter too with everything controlled by your phone; from sending and accepting meeting room invitations, to joining the meetings from a room where the app will even suggest nearby suitable rooms as well as joining from a PC. Just like with GoToWebinar the system will ensure that the appropriate software is installed before you use it and then offer audio-only options for people that just want to listen in. These usability options allow for a wide range of people, around the globe to interact, without having to worry about where they are or what device they’re on.

Expect to see much more touch capability coming in the near future as AV technology development isn’t slowing down!

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