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The Benefits of Using a Company to Arrange Work-Based Group Activities

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There’s a lot of things to consider when running a business. As well as growth and innovation, employee satisfaction is something you’ll definitely want to focus on. After all, the happier your employees are, the harder they’re going to work for you. So, how can you boost employee satisfaction?

Focus on Team Building

One of the best ways to do this is through work-based group activities. As a team building exercise, spending time outside the office can be a great way to bring employees together in a fun way. While being away from work may seem counterproductive, team building activities can boost creativity and communication, enhancing employee morale and productivity, and as a result, benefitting your business.

That said, organising an away day or trip can be a difficult task. Whether you’re staying in the UK or going abroad, a great solution is to use a company that specialise in organising group activities. Here’s how they can help.

Taking the stress out of organisation

As fun and as crucial as group activity trips can be, there’s no denying they can be a nightmare to organise. There’s the accommodation, cost, travel and the actual activity to arrange. For the organiser, this fun activity can turn into a stressful endeavour. While it’s certainly doable, why take the time and effort when you don’t need to?
There’s companies out there that specialise in organising work-based group activities, so you can hand over the work. They can help you to plan practically every aspect of the trip, leaving you and your employees free to simply enjoy the experience. They can prove especially useful if you’re planning a trip abroad, where you’ll likely have limited knowledge of the local area, language and what’s on offer.

Quick, easy and affordable transportation

One of the biggest headaches associated with organising group activities is the transportation. Even if you’re just travelling to a different part of the UK, it can take hours of planning, lots of health and safety considerations, and potentially a lot of money to get there and back.

As well as companies that organise group work-based activities, there are also businesses that specialise in group transportation. Whether you need a fleet of coaches to travel across the country, or to arrange flights for dozens of employees, there’s many solutions available. This includes companies like Chapman Freeborn who specialise in private jet charter, so you can organise travel for the entire office in one booking, rather than having to go through the gruelling and time consuming process of selecting individual seats and tickets.

Enjoy better deals

One of the best benefits of dealing with a company that specialises in organising group activities is that you’re guaranteed to get the best deals. This is because companies that arrange team activities have relationships with suppliers, allowing them to find the best prices and pass the savings directly onto you – reducing spend and boosting cash flow is always a bonus for any company.

Plus, with a lot of experience, they can help to create a tailored package that suits your company. They may also be able to suggest fun activities that you may not have considered. All of this while helping you to save.
So, whether you want to reduce stress levels or cut costs, if you’re looking to organise work group activities, it’s definitely worth looking into hiring a professional company to do it all for you.

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