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How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Sexual harassment has received a lot of attention in the media recently due to perpetrators such as Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, Roy Moore and many more.

These horrendous allegations caused an uproar on Twitter. This resulted in the MeToo Movement, where women all across the country discussed their sexual harassment experiences.

These stories have caused panic in some men. Either they harassed a co-worker and were afraid of backlash, or they weren’t sure if their harmless gesture would be seen as harassment.

But that is why we are here to discuss how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. By implementing these rules, you will not have to worry about being unknowingly inappropriate.

Speak Up

The number one rule when it comes to the prevention of sexual harassment is to speak up. If you notice a colleague being treated inappropriately, jump into the conversation.

You can say something along the line of, “that is not work-appropriate behavior”. Whether sexual comments are made to someone or in a general conversation, stopping those comments can make a huge difference.

The person making those remarks will learn that those comments will not be tolerated. If you have repeatedly tried stopping someone from making sexual harassment remarks and they do not listen, report it.

Sometimes the individual being harassed is too afraid to report it due to negative repercussions, or they think no one will believe them. To help out a colleague, report the comments you hear directed towards them.

Request Staff Training

Although sexual harassment policies are not legally required, most employers still install these policies.

But just because your company has ways on how to prevent sexual harassment doesn’t mean that every employee has read it and understood it. To avoid any incidents, it is best to have a staff seminar on sexual harassment.

This will help in many ways. It will make the women feel secure, it will discourage sexual harassment, and it will show that the company took preventative actions.

Often times, sexual harassment comments are made because of a lack of punishment or unconscious bias. By taking action and having a sexual harassment training, the number of incidents will decrease.

Understand That Anyone Can Experience Sexual Harassment

It is widespread to show sympathy for women who experience sexual harassment and laugh at men who experience it.

In society, men who report these allegations are often looked down upon. Whether they are viewed as weak, sensitive or just flat out strange because they disliked someone else sexualizing them.

We are here to say that anyone can experience sexual harassment from anyone. Preventing sexual harassment starts by protecting everyone from it.

Overview: How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment allegations may seem like a joke if you aren’t the one experiencing it.

Usually, the victims are the ones that receive all of the backlashes from companies. Whether they are placed on another team or removed from the company, the perpetrator has still not been dealt with.

To prevent any lawsuits, either individually or as a company, you must take sexual harassment seriously. These tips will help on how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

However, they will only work if everyone is held accountable. The law can make or break your business, understand how here.

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