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How To Get Real Instagram Followers

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For brands that want to market themselves to a wider audience, social media is part of their marketing strategy, especially platforms such as Instagram that allow you to reach bigger audiences. This leads to bigger audiences that give you more influence, and many brands want this influence because it leads to big business.

When it comes to growing your account, you have two options – grow it the honest way by creating a strong strategy, sharing great content with your audience, and high engagement levels; or you can choose the shorter route and real Instagram followers, which is more of the dark side of marketing.

Why does one consider buying followers?

Everyone seems to want more influence on social media generally – even other brands, celebrities and politicians concentrate their efforts on getting fake followers. However, the simple answer to the question goes down to perception.

You may not know it, but many people size up an account before they decide to follow it. And they tend to look at one thing – the number of followers the account has. In fact, many brands tend to use their follower numbers as a metric of measuring their influence.

When you are considering this method for your brand, it may be because you want some followers to start big things for you, as well as encouraging real people to check out your brand.

Why do you need to consider buying real followers?

Notice what happens when a stranger likes your photos or your account, or they decide to follow you. Chances are high that you will do the same thing for them. This is how accounts on the platform usually achieve high numbers of followers and likes, but you have to admit the tediousness of the process. That is where automation services come in.

As you may know well, you cannot buy the interest of real people easily. Bots can give you the chance to impress real people (as long as content is interesting), and achieve the challenging goal of increasing follower numbers.

Keep in mind that the key to increasing your influence is not just having big numbers, but making sure those numbers interact with you on a personal level. When you simply buy followers, you will not get the comments, engagements, likes or sales that real users would give you. Some bot services include:


This Instagram bot automates the process of engagement. The service covers all the usual things that you expect a bot to do.

The tried-and-true method of increasing your numbers involves you reaching out to your followers and working hard to engage with them as much as possible. However, with Gramista, the engagement process is automated for you, so you can get real results.

This leads to real followers (as opposed to bots), in addition to many likes on your posts.

They will automate following, liking and unfollowing, similar to a real user on the platform.

This is similar to Instagress, though it lacks the aggressive nature of interactions with other users. In this case, it is better at certain platforms such as Soundcloud – it will not achieve much if that is the criteria you are looking for.


This allows you to grow your audience through using a personal account manager that helps you set up an effective marketing strategy. The customer service quality is also high, and prices are affordable.

Gramista Pros

Advanced settings

The advanced settings page of their main website enables you to include hashtags, which they will use on your behalf. This method works largely because Instagram itself uses hashtags as search words to find other users.

Security levels

When you register and use the service, you can have piece of mind because of their high encryption of user data. That makes it easy to give important information that is highly sensitive such as credit card information.

Price structure

You do not need to worry about hidden prices after signing up. Their price structure is on their website, and this leads to their honest reputation among Instagram bot services.

Frequently Asked Questions
In case you require more information on using the service, there is a section on FAQs, in addition to a help page in case you get stuck.


Lacks 24/7 support

This is discouraging, especially if you may encounter certain issues with your account and try to contact them outside of business hours.


Compared to other Instagram bot services, it is more expensive, with payment being in terms of daily rates instead of a one-off payment.

Accessing accounts

The bot attempts to access individual Instagram accounts remotely, and this makes it risky on your end if you want to maintain a sense of privacy.

Is buying followers worth it, though?

The prospect of buying followers for Instagram seems a tempting process, especially when you want many people to like your content. However, the risks of buying them outweigh the benefits, and if the site find you out you can lose credibility with your real followers.

At the end of the day, using services that boost your followers is not a long-term solution, especially if you are a small business or just an individual using the platform. The algorithm of Instagram tends to favor engagement as opposed to followers, so this method seems to carry a large risk factor.

Using a bot service to increase your follower count may lead to a perception that your engagement levels on the site are bad. Usually, many people will understand that when you have so many followers, engagement levels on the site reduce, but people should still like your photo in high numbers, as long as it is proportional to the numbers you have. Anything less than this, and real users will begin to get suspicious of the validity of your site. In addition, if the likes are too much as opposed to the follower count, people will think you bought likes to impress them.


Resorting to services that increase your follower count may be a good thing if that is what you want to focus on, but these services may not be helpful in the long term. Instagram bots may assist in this regard, though you need to be careful when considering buying followers, even if the site promises to give you real numbers.