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How to Generate Leads for Your Van Leasing Business

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Getting your fleet of vans for leasing has likely already been a lot of work. Now you need to figure out how to get bums in seats. If you are wondering how to generate leads, we have a few ideas.

You need something besides the fly guy or tube man and that inflatable waving crazy noodle you have out front. We will look at some places to find potential customers and some tips on how to keep them coming back.

How to Generate Leads

Finding customers may not be as hard as you think. You have the tools, so use them.

Social Media

Get your company set up on all the social media platforms. This is the best place to move the word quickly. Set them up and use them. If you are busy, get someone to run it for you.

Follow a lot of groups you would like to target and associate yourself with them. Support their causes and share their posts, as well. You can also have a blog to post pictures, testimonials, and general news items.

Pictures and Video

Pictures and videos of your product are the perfect way to drum up some interest. People love to look at pictures and videos, and if you are creative, they will share them around.

A fun or funny video is easy and inexpensive or free to make. A picture of a different van, someone washing the van, staff getting wet or having a water fight or funny pictures of babies or animals behind the wheel.

Daily Specials

Send out a tweet, Instagram and Facebook post of a fun daily special. For instance, you could have a particular van on for a special price each day, or 20% off all blue vans every Thursday.

It’s an easy and free way to keep your brand in the minds of your followers. Try running little daily contests, too, like having people tag themselves in your Swiss vans they see around town.

Target Groups

You can use flyers along with social media to reach specific groups of people. Flyers in apartment buildings for people who may be moving, schools, community centres and other common areas like supermarkets have bulletin boards you can post flyers on.

This might be ideal for people who have large families. Maybe they need a van for the weekend to go camping or just need more space for the family reunion.

Offer to sponsor the local kids sporting teams by donating the use of your vans for free advertising. It’s a great way to be a part of the community and help out.

Customer Service

Offering good customer service is so important. Once again, on social media, read the reviews people leave. Not all will be nice, but once you weed out the real ones, contact them, make an effort or appease them and hear what they say.

Van Man

Taking great care of your customers is number one, and word of mouth is still an effective way to generate leads. Remember, a bad review can travel just as fast, if not faster. Read more here for tips on location and other business tips.

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