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Could Your Company’s Own Merchandise Line Boost Your Exposure?


If your company already sells products such as fashionable clothing then this article may be a moot point for you. However, if you offer SEO services, a cloud-based software application or even sell cakes, then could your own merchandise line help to boost your exposure? In this article, we’ll be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of having your own merchandise line, even if the product or service you offer has nothing to do with it.

Having your own merchandise line gives you a different stream of revenue

While it may be small, there’s no denying that a merchandise line can give you a new stream of revenue to rely on. Everything your business does should be profitable in some way, even if you just re-invest all of your capital back into your business When it comes to setting up a merchandise line, it should be profitable enough to actually generate more capital for you. This might mean printing things like shirts and jackets on-demand. Luckily, the best print on demand t-shirt companies can help you make your own shirt – create and sell custom shirts online with Printify and you’ll see just how easy it can be to make your own merchandise line. As long as you’re willing to hire a designer to make some samples for you (this can be surprisingly cheap if you look to freelancers) then you’ll have a great merchandise lineup ready for sale.

Your merchandise line can have good intentions to spread a message

As long as your merchandise is self-sustaining in terms of upkeep, you don’t actually have to make it a profitable project. Instead, you could do it just to increase your exposure and spread a message. For instance, your merchandise could have a couple of words to help share a message with your audience, or the proceeds could all go to a charity that you openly support. Merchandise can also be used to fund special projects. For instance, if you’re crowdfunding a new development, then offering merchandise as a way to contribute to your cause can be a great way to get more exposure.

But your merchandise could just be badly represented

Although merchandise can be easy to sell and make a profit from, you need to understand that unless your designs are good and your brand is well-known, people aren’t going to buy from you. If your shirt just has a company logo on it, then no one is going to wear it except your employees (if even that!). Unless you hire the right designer and have the right designs in mind, your merchandise will likely be a complete failure and a waste of time. Don’t overdo it with your merchandise, keep your designs nice and simple and make them actually useful to people. Remember to advertise them and make them a part of your marketing and promotional materials as well to let people know about them. You’re going to need to market them just like any other product that you offer!

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