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Adderall Abuse in the Workplace: Know the Signs

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When it comes to getting ahead in the workplace, many employees believe in doing everything they can to jump ahead of the competition. For some, this means working late, working weekends, or going back to school.

Some people are turning to drugs that give them energy, help them get work done, and leave them with enough pep to do more. The drug of choice these days is Adderall, and it causes problems for individuals who use it on a regular basis.

Adderall abuse is quickly becoming common in a work environment. Learn more about what the signs are and how you can tell if your employees use this drug.

Adderall Abuse Becomes Increasingly Open

Although every individual uses drugs differently, employees who start taking Adderall as a means to function at work and know about each other’s habits are usually open with one another. As they become more comfortable and casual about using this drug to function and get ahead at work, the environment begins to suffer.

Work doesn’t get prioritized in the same manner it used to. Client needs aren’t handled as carefully and deadlines get missed.

Adderall can change a person’s decision-making abilities for the worse. They may not temper their emotions or thoughts as they normally would at work.

This is something no employer wants to deal with and can lead to devastating effects. This includes a drop in morale from employees who don’t use and even losing client accounts once the work starts to suffer.

If you believe Adderall abuse is taking over your workplace, it’s important to get proactive and discuss the issue with employees. This includes the whole team.

The sooner you get everyone on the same page and let them know this won’t be tolerated, the better off everyone is, including the individuals who use.

Employees Start Showing Signs of Physical Exhaustion

Physical exhaustion is something that affects many people, but it’s more complicated than we realize. It goes beyond simply feeling tired as most folks do around 3 PM, and can lead to messing up simple, routine tasks or even falling asleep at work.

There are several symptoms of physical exhaustion which include:

  • Unable to stay awake
  • Forgetting important details
  • Physically unable to move

Physical exhaustion is considered one of the many Adderall side effects. If you have employees who take this medication and you notice they start displaying these signs at work, talk to them about what’s going on.

It’s important to remember that as doctors prescribe more medication than they used to, prescription drugs have become more popular than street drugs.

We need to keep this in mind because the image many people have about drugs and who uses them is updated and focuses on street drugs. With the move to prescription drug abuse, it’s crucial to realize this abuse can happen to anyone.

Withdrawal Means Extreme Side Effects: Lack of Focus and Agitation

Lack of focus and getting agitated or even violent are common effects of an Adderall addiction.

This commonly happens when individuals come off the drug, although violence is common among those who use for an extended period of time.

Many people start out by taking Adderall and never assume that they’ll use it for long. When they go through Adderall withdrawal symptoms, this is a surprise to those who know them and are around them a lot.

Take notice if you find that your employees are showing these symptoms at work or if their co-workers are mentioning something about a sudden change in their attitude for no reason. If they use Adderall, this is a sign that they’ve come off the drug for one reason or another, and have started to experience the side effects of doing so.

If your company offers health and wellness benefits, get employees to take advantage of these programs. If they’re already trying to kick their habit, this can help them get on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Understand That Adderall is Highly Addictive

Many people think of drugs such as heroin or cocaine as something strong that others develop an addiction to. Adderall is just as addictive and is a drug that some people turn toward because it doesn’t have the same negative connotations as street drugs.

Getting drugs prescribed by a doctor is normally seen as safer and easier than buying from a dealer. This means that individuals who normally had clean and safe lifestyles prior to getting Adderall can find themselves addicted quickly.

Pay attention if you hear employees casually talking about getting this particular drug to help them work efficiently. If you do, consider having a company-wide meeting.

Adderall sounds like a simple pill that helps people function at their maximum and makes work easier for those who have a full plate.

Employees who get stressed out at work or have too much to do every day might need help in other forms. This could include getting an assistant or delegating work.

These positive changes can create a workplace that’s enjoyable for everyone, with results that last for the long haul.

Overdosing Causes Convulsions and Possible Death

As with many drugs, it’s not always easy to know where a person is with their habit. Someone might have started taking a drug, others are not showing obvious signs of addiction although they are using.

For those who either use a lot or are long-term users, they can easily reach a point that makes it possible for them to overdose. If these overdoses occur at work, the employee might put themselves in even more danger than if they did this at home.

If there is suspected Adderall use within your company, it’s important to make people aware of their options for quitting this drug. Discuss the negative consequences that using means for the company. Include information about how employees can overcome this issue with drug rehab.

Find Rehab Centers local to your area, and offer them as a suggestion for employees who need additional resources.

Employees Can Get One Another Hooked on This Social Drug

Although the workplace is not the same as high school, the pressures of drugs in a competitive environment can have devastating consequences. When employees either see or learn firsthand about their colleagues taking Adderall and seeming to ride the wave of productivity, it doesn’t take much to want to join them.

People may compare their own workload to what their colleagues do, and feel they could use some of the same benefits to get ahead at work. If the individual taking the drugs recently got a promotion or raise, this is another reason why people start using.

They believe if their colleague is capable of doing so much with this drug, they’ll have the same results. Because of the social nature associated with Adderall, many users believe that it’s better when someone does it with them, and encourage others to do the same.

Casual drug use leads to addiction and is even worse when it occurs in a work environment.

You’ll notice top employees go downhill, not only with their skills but their productivity.

As an employer, this is scary, since too many people using the same drug can wipe out an entire workplace of production and creativity, much like a virus.

If you notice several employees who have begun using, consider creating company-wide recognition of this drug problem. Create steps in place for people who want help getting off the drug.

This can prevent your whole staff from using, and you’ll avoid further issues that come with Adderall side effects.

Learn More About Protecting Your Workplace From Adderall Abuse

Drugs have reached an increased popularity as prescription drugs like Adderall become common. If you’re looking for ways to prevent your employees from using and encouraging others to do so, it’s important to recognize the signs of Adderall abuse.

Holding a meeting or discussion about this issue and creating an action plan go a long way in protecting your employees. For those already addicted, this can offer them a way to get off the drug and find out how they can manage their lives and work in an effective manner.

Doing this keeps your workplace positive, ensuring everyone feels comfortable while they’re working. This includes employees who do not have a drug problem.

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