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9 Essential Trade Show Giveaways You Need to Consider


Revenue from trade shows topped out at 12.81 billion in 2016. If you aren’t participating then you are missing out on valuable B2B sales opportunities.

It’s time for you to get yourself a booth and trade show giveaways. Having a great giveaway is key to branding your company.

Look for items that make people immediately recognize your company. If you find an item that makes them think of your company long after the show that’s even better.

Tips For Choosing Your Trade Show Giveaways

There are a few rules you need to think about when deciding which tradeshow giveaways are right for your business. Your giveaway is just one aspect of making your presence memorable at the trade show for attendees.

Who is Your Audience?

Look for items that are directly relatable to the people that will be visiting your booth. Secondly, decide if you want to be talked about now or later.

Useful Now or Later?

There are two general categories that promotional giveaways fall into, useful now and useful later. Useful now items are things like lanyards or ID card holders. Useful later items are things like t-shirts, USB Drives, or a smartphone stand.

Why Are We Here?

Most people don’t go to trade shows for the joy of walking around a large convention center. They are there to get information about new products and services and to network.

Use your booth and marketing giveaways as a way to leverage more traffic and attention on your business. Items that keep your company in the mind of the attendees are the most cost-effective.

What is Your Budget?

Consider how big the tradeshow is that you will be attending. You want to compare your budget to the total number expected to be in attendance.

You don’t want to spring for high dollar marketing giveaways if you will run out long before the end of the event. You also don’t want the chintzy item to be associated with your brand.

1. Smart Wallet

These slim silicone wallets are one of the latest tech giveaways that everyone just has to have. The pocket attaches to the backside of your phone.

It’s perfect for keeping your driver’s license, credit cards, hotel keycard, business cards, and cash handy. When at a tradeshow the less loose items you have the better.

2. Custom Lanyards

Almost every tradeshow you attend will give you some form of identifier that you will need to wear for the course of the event. Providing custom lanyards gives attendees a convenient way of wearing their entry pass.

Lanyards can also be used to keep a variety of other items handy such as hotel key, credit card, car keys, and even some business cards. Consider opting for some ID accessories to pair with your lanyards.

3. PopSocket

These handy little devices are quickly becoming a hot item at tradeshows. They stick on the back of your phone for easier holding or as a stand.

When they stop working you just rinse them off and they’ll be sticky once again. You can take advantage of full-color printing on them.

4. Petite Loop Cell Phone Carrying Handle

This is another super handy item to have at tradeshows that will make carrying your phone easier. It’s a small loop that attaches to your phone.

Loop it over your hand so your phone is always within reach. You don’t have to worry about dropping your phone while your juggling samples, brochures, and catalogs.

5. Wood Sunglasses

This is an item that would fall into that useful later category. Attendees aren’t going to be wearing your sunglasses in the convention center, but they’ll be happy to have them the next time they go outside.

Wood is a texture/material that is right on trend this year. Pick a solid sturdy frame with a microfiber pouch.

The pouch can be printed in full color. The whole giveaway will have the look and feel of an upgraded marketing giveaway without you having to pay a fortune.

6. Webcam Covers

In a day and age when everyone is worried about privacy and identity security, this little item will be a hit. It’s sleek and modern making it blend right in when stuck onto a laptop.

The cover will prominently feature your logo right in your customer’s line of sight every time they use their laptop. There is an easy slide open tab so that the camera is still functional.

7. Jersey and Neoprene Koozie

Sure we’ve all seen the koozie at tradeshows, boring right? Wrong! Pick a koozie that is on trend and gives the feel of function and quality.

Neoprene is wetsuit material, making it an upgrade from the typical cheap foam you’re used to seeing. The neoprene makes it more durable, and more effective at keeping your drink cold.

If you want an even nicer upgrade, look for one that has a jersey material on the outside. You can also find companies that offer custom colors, stitching, and printing.

8. Socks

This item falls into the know your audience category. Fun socks with a unique pattern or design are all the rage in the trendy businessman circles.

You can pick up to three colors and get creative with branding. Socks are a relatively cheap apparel item.

This will be an item that you can be confident no one else will be giving away. If you have the right audience, this will have people talking right now and in the future.

9. USB Car Charger Key Strap

Never have to worry about having a USB car charger handy. This USB port car charger is on your key ring.

This is that item that people won’t immediately use while at the show. They will talk about your later when it becomes a handy item that saves them from having a dying phone later on.

This item is useful but stands out in a sea of USB chargers. By making it portable it’s readily functional.

Buy Your Items Earlier

Plan for production time when picking out your trade show giveaways. You don’t want to be down to the deadline worrying if your giveaways will be ready in time.

Think about your audience, would they appreciate funky socks or a webcam cover? Maybe you know lanyards are the perfect thing for your trade show.

Now that you’ve got the giveaways covered, be sure to read these tips on setting up your booth.

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