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8 Construction Marketing Ideas to Generate Leads

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Are you in need of construction marketing ideas?

Marketing your business is the number one way to grow it. Many construction businesses rely on referral business, but what happens when the referrals dry up?

Want to know the best ways to make your business grow?

Read on to learn the 8 top marketing ideas for your construction business.

1. Know Your Identity

The first step in marketing your business is knowing who you are as a company. Your company’s identity is not your logo. It runs deeper than that.

You want to know what your construction company is about. For example, if your company is a person, would you be able to describe them? What kind of clothes would they wear? Are they exciting to be around or are they focused on the task at hand? Where do they shop? What do they Eat?

The answer to these questions will reveal what your brand personality is.

Once you have that nailed down, then you can create a visual identity that aligns with that brand personality.

2. Nail Down the Basics

Another part of your marketing revolves around being very clear about who you serve and how your company serves them.

Take a look at Richmond Roofing. When you look at their website, it’s clear what they do and who they serve.

This information will help you create your unique selling proposition. That’s a statement that tells people why they should use your services instead of your competition.

Your company’s identity combined with these messages are central to any construction marketing ideas that you implement.

You must be able to convey who you are, who you help, and how you help them over and over again. That level of consistency is what turns into results, no matter what you do to market your business.

3. Get Found Online

In order to generate leads, you have to put your construction company a position to get found online. This is becoming more important, and companies are paying attention. According to the Construction Marketing Association, about 73% of marketers in the construction industry have increased their investment in SEO in 2017.

None surveyed noted that they would decrease their spend.

If you are a local company, you’ll want to make sure that you are listed in Google’s top three results. That starts by making sure your company is listed in Google’s My Business Listing.

4. Help Others Out

One other way you can improve your SEO is to consistently add content to your website. This will help drive traffic to your site because you are giving potential customers a reason to return to your site, keeping your company top of mind.

You’re also building trust and credibility among your readers.

The most important thing about writing content is to be helpful and educate your clients. For example, you can write about the top 5 tips to hire a construction company.

Don’t be concerned with coming up with topics. You can use client success stories, answer client questions and highlight different projects. Plus, you can follow these tips if you come up with writer’s block.

5. Be An Expert

You can expand your content strategy to outside of your website. By doing so, you can position yourself and your construction company to be experts in the industry.

That further expands your credibility and trust. You’re putting yourself to be the go-to company in the area.

There are three great ways to put yourself in a position to be an expert in your industry.

The first is to write articles for your local newspaper. They may have a small circulation, but these papers are targeted towards homeowners in your area.

The second is to start speaking in public. You can do talks in your local library or get interviewed by podcasts targeted to homeowners or your service area.

Finally, you can be a national expert by getting interviewed by major publications. Writers are constantly looking for sources for their articles. They usually put out calls for experts on sites like HARO, which is a free service.

6. Cross Promotion

Teaming up with another business that targets the same audience is a great way to get your business known to a new audience.

For example, you can work with a local architect and agree to promote each other’s services to your respective audiences.

The main thing to remember is that these businesses are similar to yours, not compete with it. You also need to be clear as to how you plan to promote each other and when. You need to have some kind of accountability built into the agreement. Otherwise, there’s the potential for one person to do all the work, and the other to do nothing.

As a construction company, you can create a steady stream of leads by creating several businesses, like your subcontractors.

7. Show Off Your Projects

In today’s world, you have someone’s attention for about 8 seconds. It can be as short at 3 seconds.

You want to be able to capture someone’s attention immediately, and that’s why visual content is so powerful.

Be sure you take plenty of images showing the progress of your progress. You can even get creative and do a time-lapse video.

8. Ask for Reviews

Did you know that over 80% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal referral?

Online reviews will help people decide whether or not they call your business. You can position your business ahead of the competition by having your current and past customers write reviews of your business.

You do need to know that you can’t offer gifts or giveaways for people who write reviews. This will violate the terms and conditions of various sites.

You can ask for reviews by having a request in your email newsletter or asking for them on your website.

When you do get reviews, be sure to respond to them, positive or negative. It gives readers the impression that you care about your business and you care about the customer experience.

Need More Construction Marketing Ideas?

Whatever ideas you decide to go with, make sure you can do them consistently. You’ll show that your business is reliable, should be trusted and can help customers with their projects.

If you want more construction marketing ideas to get more leads and generate more revenue, check out our blog.

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