5 Reasons to Brand Your Business Email

brand your business email

Think your business is onto a winner going with a free email host aka ’email service provider’, rather than a paid service? Think again this action is a textbook example of false economy. Using ‘free’ gives the wrong perception and thus affects your ability to generate revenue both from your email marketing campaigns and your business emails. In this blog article, are a few reasons why it pays to do the right thing from the get go with all your emails.

Perception is Everything

A strong first impression matters for startups and perception is everything so as with all your marketing collateral a professional logo and brand design should be consistently visible on all communication both offline on billboards, in magazines and at events such as trade shows and exhibitions as well as online. So much more happens online now so your website, social media profiles and your email marketing must present a united and consistent visual presence and message and this means getting your brand name and logo out there as much as possible.

A free bulk email delivery service will save your business money however it will also compromise your efforts to grow sales. The perception given by using the free option is your business may not be around very long and it can not afford a paid model. It also suggests your business is more than likely underfunded and therefore a risky choice as a product or service provider.

Branded Emails Promote Your Business

Every time you send an email with that @FreeEmail.com suffix attached, you’re passing up an easy opportunity to plug your brand name, so it’s not hard to work out why the free model exists. Your promoting the email service provider to your email marketing list of clients, prospects and advocates. It’s free marketing for that business all the while compromising your own. Do a cost benefit analysis and you’ll work out paying for the service is the better option. Advertisers pay handsomely for brand impressions. That’s why @FreeEmail.com is happy to give you email at no cost. Get advertisers to pay you for brand impressions as in advertising within your eDMs (electronic direct mail) aka email marketing messages like newsletters and product or service sales promotions.

Credibility, Trust and Professionalism

It’s hard to take a business with an @FreeEmail.com address seriously. Branded email is a mark of professionalism in a world of generic everything. By the way, guess what kind of email addresses most scam artists use? Somebody trying to hustle your customers could use your business name as the prefix of their own FreeEmail.com address and dupe your customer base into thinking a message originated from you. This is more difficult to do if you own a branded address. Thus, branded email builds trust and credibility, and marks you as a true professional in the eyes of your clientele.

Spam Filters

Not only should you pay for your bulk email marketing service but also your business emails service so spam filters doing their job see the right information about your business and service. Spam filters look upon free provider suffixes as red flags—particularly when messages contain business pitches. Similarly, users tend to shunt generically branded messages into the trash or ignore them. When your customers are truly interested in what you have to offer, seeing your name on a message in their queues moves them to open it.


Even if your startup is a micro business or a Ma & Pa operation, branded emails provide a level playing field so your business has the same status as a much bigger player.

There really is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ everything has a cost so don’t let your email both business emails and email marketing emails cost your business sales.