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Why Should I Learn Microsoft Excel?

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Microsoft Excel is a software in the Microsoft Office suite, the same suite that hosts Microsoft Word, one of the most widely used text editors and writing tools for the past 10 years up to now. You’ve probably heard of Excel and wondered “What’s the big deal?”, so let’s answer that question.

What Can It Do?

There’s a lot excel can do, but most businesses use it for organizing and manipulating data. That sounds more complicated than it really is, and you can honestly find uses for Excel in your everyday life that would likely speed things up once you know what you are doing. Microsoft Excel hosts a wide array of functions such as the Text Function Excel, which allow you to automate manipulating data to get the information you need to know and can speed up your work significantly. In terms of organization, you can expect to be able to visualize thousands of entries of information and make it understandable to those who don’t know what that data means. Simply put, you can make incoherent masses of data into something tangible which can make a huge impact on decisions in meetings and provides a solid foundation to support arguments with.

Okay, So Why Should I Learn it?

The previous points made it sound very useful, but not really useful for those of us who don’t need to do large tasks involving data. Just because you don’t use the software to its fullest potential, that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from using it for what you can use it for. A lot of jobs have at least some information to organize, and using excel to do so would make it much more efficient with time as well as making the information comprehensive and understandable. Naturally, if you don’t even touch a computer in your job, there is really no way to use it at work. But even outside of work, it is still a handy tool and it is worth thinking about how to make use of it whenever you want to undertake a task. If your current job can’t utilize excel, then it’s worth considering learning it simply for future career prospects. Knowing how to use Excel alone can boost your employability and thus your potential value and earnings by a huge margin.

Great! How Do I Go About Learning It Though?

As with all software, there are heaps of guides online including the official Microsoft Help Center, and you can find more direct help using videos such as tutorials from YouTube. Almost anything involving computers and, especially software, can be self-taught from the internet if you give it time and perseverance. If you don’t want to teach yourself, there are part-time courses which give you a qualification and are relatively short whilst providing access to the software in a helpful environment. To begin with, just start using it for simple tasks and you will soon figure out how things work whilst you build up and expand your horizons.

We hope this was informative and gave you the motivation you needed to enrich your career prospects by learning Microsoft Excel.

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