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The Most Popular International Locations for Corporate Travel

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When it comes to business, the world really is your oyster. It can be easy for business owners to become a little complacent when they have established their company; sometimes the inner drive that existed when setting up burns out. The result? A successful business, but one that still has so much potential.

So How Can You Rekindle Your Business Spark?

Travelling on business internationally is a great way to help you to rediscover your inspiration as a business owner and help you to take your company to the next level.

So Where are the Most Popular International Locations for Corporate Travel?

Here are three of the best and most popular international destinations for corporate travel. You can make your business trip even more cost effective by setting up a travel account with an esteemed business travel provider.


England’s capital is the business hub of the world. Not only does London play host to some of the world’s most successful Global corporations, it also offers creative inspiration to people. Culture, history, fashion and food are all areas that can help business owners to find a new and exciting path for their business – sometimes all that’s needed is an initial spark of inspiration to set you on a new path, full of exciting prospects.

New York

New York is the home to many of the world’s biggest businesses, and as such is one of the main financial hubs. Indeed, the World Trade Centre – destroyed in one of the world’s biggest ever terrorist attacks in 2001 – was just that – the financial centre of the world. Following the attacks, New York rallied – it is now thriving and expanding once again like never before. New York is a busy, vibrant and friendly place; new business connections and opportunities are only a “Have a nice day!” away.


Home of the oil magnates, Dubai is a land of luxury. It attracts some of the world’s biggest business names, who travel there for both business and pleasure. The luxury of Dubai means it is the perfect place for a business meeting. You will be looked after like Royalty, so you can carry out your business without distraction – and in style! Because of its broad appeal, Dubai attracts a whole host of different businesses and types of industry. This makes it a place of unrivalled business prospects and connection opportunities.

Planning Your Business Trip

Wherever you choose to make your next business trip, ensure you have sufficiently planned your visit. It’s important to make the most of every minute – after all, time is money! Business meetings are different to social meetings – ensure you understand the appropriate etiquette to avoid an embarrassing situation. And soak up the culture too – a spark of business inspiration can come from the most unlikely places!

Have you been to any of the above locations on business? Did you find new business opportunities?