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Save your business from unnecessary expenses after a car accident – Know what to do

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Car accidents can be rather stressful events which raise a gruelling session of questions and answers. If you’re driving a commercial vehicle for your business or you have a vehicle on lease and one fine day it meets with a road accident, what are you supposed to do? As per the Insurance Information Institute, there are few steps that you need to take in order to stay away from financial loss and for grabbing your compensation claim benefits.

Few of the common car accident injuries

If your car meets with an accident and there are co-passengers along with the driver, few of the most common injuries can be:

  • Head & back injuries
  • Herniated disk
  • Chest and neck injuries
  • Vocal cord paralysis
  • Cardiac arrest due to trauma
  • Injuries to legs, arms, feet and hands
  • Broken bones
  • Damage to ligaments
  • Severed limbs

What to do soon after a car accident?

Step #1: Check on yourself for injuries

In case you’re injured, you should first call 911 or request someone else to do that on your behalf. Try not to move and wait for the emergency people.

Step #2: Take pictures

You are supposed to document the accident thoroughly by clicking pictures of the vehicle which has been involved in the accident and make sure you take it from various angles. Your motive would be to document the damage done to both cars.

Step #3: Be patient to get medical help

Since you’re injured, your next concern would be to seek medical attention so that things don’t move out of your control

Step #4: Get in touch with a car accident lawyer

You’re entitled to receive a compensation claim if you’re not at-fault in the accident and hence if you want to grab the benefits without any controversy, get the help of a car accident lawyer.

So, if your business uses a leased vehicle for different commercial purposes, you should take into account the above-mentioned steps if you meet with a car accident.