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Making a Success of Your Business Instagram Page

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If you’re a small business owner and you haven’t paid attention to Instagram yet, it’s about time that you do now!

So many of us make the mistake of dismissing Instagram as a frivolous personal app, but it really does hold so much business potential if you employ it in the right way.

With around 500 million active users every single day, it’s something that a huge number of consumers are spending their time looking at. So you want to get your products and goods on there in order to expose what you have to offer to this massive potential market. But getting to grips with Instagram is a little more complex than simply setting up a profile and hoping for the best.

So, here are a few sage pieces of advice that should help you to make a success of your business Instagram page.

Gaining Followers

A simple way to measure the success of your Instagram page is to take a look at the amount of engagement it is generating. If you have more followers and likes, more people are actively engaging with your brand and boosting its perceived popularity.

However, the best way to gain followers is often said to be having followers in the first place. If your page already has a large number of followers, people are going to be more interested in seeing what you’re all about. Think about it. If you’re walking down the street and there’s a store that you never intended to enter with nobody inside, you’re going to walk right past it.

But if you’re walking down the street and said store has huge crowds of people gathering outside and talking as they look in at the products, chances are that you’ll stop and start to join the crowd too.

After all, you’re going to want to see what all of the fuss is about! The same happens with Instagram pages. So, how do you gain followers without having many in the first place? Well, one effective option is to buy Instagram likes and followers.

These will be indistinguishable from genuine and legitimate followers, but will boost the appearance of your brand, encouraging real life individuals to join the crowd and engage with your brand too.

Building an Aesthetic

One thing that people particularly love on Instagram is curated aesthetics. People tend to prefer pages that have a consistent theme or aesthetic, as it’s simply nicer to look at and they know what kind of posts they’re signing up for when following the page. They’re not going to have to worry that they’ll follow a page with delicate colour schemes, minimalist images, and symmetrical staging and then suddenly end up with a feed filled with a mish mash of unappealing images.

Building an aesthetic is also beneficial for your brand in general, as it helps your customers to differentiate what you’re offering from what your competitors are trying to sell them.

So, building an aesthetic is an all round win-win situation when it comes to making a success of your Instagram page. The best way to do this is to either spend time contemplating and designing your posts or to bring in a professional stylist or art director to do it on your behalf.

Taking Attractive Photographs

Once you have your posts directed and styled, you’re going to need to take a decent photograph of the content. While smartphone cameras may be increasingly impressive and certain DSLRs may be relatively low cost, you should bear in mind that you’re going to get the best images possible if you bring in a professional product photographer.

This individual will have a whole lot of experience in getting the best shot possible, working with factors such as lighting to really make an image stand out from the crowd.

They will also have much higher quality cameras and equipment such as tripods, lighting setups, and also editing software which will allow them to really polish the final image to perfection. Remember to ask a photographer’s price to ensure that you can cover it.

Many people attempt to haggle, but this is unfair considering the time and effort that goes into making your images brilliant both in and out of the booked studio hours.

Staggering Posts

Once you have your pictures taken, edited, and ready to post, it can be tempting to post them one after the other in quick succession.

After all, you want the world to see everything that you have to offer! But this isn’t the best approach. When your posts fill up the entire feed of a follower, they are likely to become frustrated, as it blocks other posts from other users that they follow, including their family and friends.

People are also likely to become overwhelmed by the onslaught of your brand. At best, they will scroll past your multiple posts and ignore them. At worst, they will click your profile and unfollow you. So, it’s best to stagger posts whenever possible. Try not to exceed one post a day.

If you still find yourself tempted to post everything, it’s a good thing to bear in mind that you can actually schedule Instagram posts. This means that an automatic scheduler posts images on your behalf. Not only does this take away the temptation to post things before they’re due, but it also saves you a whole lot of time. Instead of flicking through the images you still have available, you can set everything up well in advance and leave someone else to do the work of posting it for you.

Once you’ve chosen an Instagram scheduler that suits your needs you only have to follow a few steps to get everything working properly.

Log into the scheduler from a laptop. Once you’ve accessed the page of your chosen supplier, you can upload all of the images that you want to eventually feature on your feed. You can then input captions for each image and rearrange the images’ order to suit your aesthetic. Once you’ve decided exactly how you want everything to appear, you can schedule your posts which will then be automatically posted! Generally speaking, the best time to post images on

Instagram is when the most users are active. This tends to be evenings between 7pm and 9pm.

These times tend to get the most engagement, as people are home from work and browsing their phones freely. Alternatively, lunchtimes tend to be popular, as people are on their lunch break and may not have much more entertainment than Instagram to use during their free time at their desk.

As long as you follow all of these steps, you should be able to make a profound success of your business Instagram page. Remember that once it is up and running, you can engage in all sorts of other activities in order to boost its exposure and draw attention towards the page.

You can try out advertising through Instagram, you can collaborate with Instagram influencers, and you can start adding Instagram feeds to your official store website. You might even begin to add your tag to your business cards too! But no matter how far you progress, you need to keep these basic steps in mind.

Otherwise your feed will begin to fall flat and you will lose followers in the process. So, get started now! Your brand will only benefit from the expanded exposure and the boost in popularity that smart social media usage is renowned for!