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Make An Interviewee’s Sales Personality More Transparent

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Anyone who has ever been on the hiring committee for a sales position knows how difficult it is to make a well-informed, non-biased choice about who to invite onto their team. In an industry like sales, one that is completely based on hitting targets, it’s important to see whether prospective employees have the right disposition for it. Unfortunately, it can take as long as a few months for an employee’s true sales personality to be brought to light, and often by this point, company resources (for hiring and training) have already been wasted. This is because those hiring tend to go with their gut and not with the facts when interviewing for an open position. If only they were aware that there are accessible tools out there to make the process more transparent.

Hiring Technique

The good news is that there are ways to optimize your sales hiring technique; consider the following tips for finding the best employee in the sales industry to help you get a leg up during your next round of hiring.

It’s challenging to know whether someone will do a job well just by speaking to them for twenty minutes, or even by sorting through key points in an extensive resume. Managers tend to succumb to confirmation bias, and seek out only the candidates who fit their preconceived notion of what constitutes a good hire. However, even if an applicant found success in one type of sales position at one point or another doesn’t mean their selling style will suit the culture of your company, or your product. Furthermore, many candidates tend to play up the personality they think a hiring committee wants to see when in the interviewing room, displaying a very different demeanor once they begin work.

Sales Personality Test

To help hiring, and to prevent it from becoming risky, many companies in the sales sector turn to what is known as a sales personality test. It cuts to the core of a candidate’s sales style by asking very strategic questions, measuring traits like emotional maturity, assertiveness, sense of urgency, dependence and sociability. Applicants are then scored against a target profile developed for the position they’re shooting for. Providers of these assessments, like SalesTestOnline, guarantee a 90% accuracy rate so companies can rest assured that the person who scores the highest is likely to work out long term, irrespective of what first impression they make in an interview.

The test takes prospective candidates only ten minutes to complete, and the hiring committee is notified about the results immediately through e-mail. A company may even choose to implement the test before interviews even occur to get a better idea of who to bring in for a conversation. It saves them valuable time, prevents them from chasing red herrings, and conversely allows ill-fit applicants to search for work better suited to their own personalities, whether that’s with a different sales company or in an alternate industry.

Next time your company finds itself in the middle of hiring, consider introducing a sales personality test into the process; it’ll give you peace of mind to know those you are interviewing are being transparent about their abilities and their approach to the work. It’ll also alleviate the frustration of having to find replacements as often, helping you to foster a stronger and more consistent team.

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