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Knowledge Commerce: What is it? And How to Benefit from it?

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You must have noticed that even the most prestigious universities and institutes have made their online presence and more so than anything they are shifting towards the virtual university concepts. Students anywhere in the world can study in their favorite university without leaving their hometown and spending money and resources on actually being present in the physical class.

The worth of online knowledge and credibility is increasing day by day because of its ability to make things easier, and when the big names are getting attached to the online knowledge, the credibility has taken new heights. Even more interesting thing is that these online courses don’t come free and all the stakeholders are earning, be it an individual teacher or universities. The beauty of online knowledge can be defined with the term Knowledge Commerce; because it is basically available online and you can get the one you want. It has become a whole new world of knowledge online. You can get jobs with the online degrees, and they are being considered by even big employers. Knowledge commerce has changed the world of knowledge and education for good.

What is knowledge commerce?

It makes perfect sense to call the exchange of online knowledge “knowledge commerce.” It is as simple as getting access to a paid online journal you need for your research. We all have been searching for knowledge online, but knowledge commerce is the revolutionary term which indicates the shift of educational system into online channels.

Do not confuse information with knowledge however because knowledge in the traditional system is not usually available without paying anything while information can be taken from anywhere. Knowledge needs a proper channel and plan of execution while information can just be given to anybody. The traditional ways of acquiring knowledge have been overridden by the revolutionary ways of getting all the knowledge in more effective and easier way while spending a lot less on every tangible resource. Knowledge and exchange of knowledge on online platforms fundamentally make up the Knowledge Commerce.

Interesting facts about knowledge commerce

This industry which is being termed as knowledge commerce is rising very fast, and it is expected that in the upcoming years the industry’s net worth will reach $325 billion. According to a report by research and market predicts, this industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7% over the next decade. These trends have definitely made a lot of people to take an interest in this industry. Knowledge commerce is definitely compelling industry, and everything about it is getting people more and more interested in this industry.

Nobody would have predicted ten years ago that they will be studying at Harvard while sitting on their sofas. This single fact that Harvard offers online courses to students all over the world make the knowledge commerce industry much more interesting.

How to benefit from Knowledge commerce?

You must be thinking that I have already studied and what can I do with this industry. Well, you are super lucky if you have already studied. If you haven’t acquired proper education but are well versed in any skill, then your luck is blooming too. Knowledge commerce industry has a place for everyone, and the most interesting thing is that monetization with this industry is much easier than many other online industries.

Knowledge commerce can benefit anyone because you don’t necessarily have to be working in a great institute. In knowledge commerce industry you can benefit in more than one ways. Let’s have a look at few of the ways that you can benefit from Knowledge Commerce.

1. Sell online courses

Do you have any skill? Or are you just good at some subject? You can make an online course and sell it in knowledge commerce industry through platforms like Kajabi. A one-time course will get you money throughout your lifetime and maybe even afterward. Online courses have great potential and people who need that knowledge will buy your course. There are ways to make an effective online course and following are few tips for making an online course.

  • Choose the subject or knowledge you are strongest at, and do complete audience research for it.
  • Have the content ready for each of the module and sub-module that you will discuss in your online course.
  • Make sure you are using good gadgets including your mic, audio devices, video cameras and recording devices.
  • Be clear and divide your course into multiple lessons and that is good because it will keep your audience interested and you can charge differently for more complicated modules.
  • More videos show that you have enough knowledge but make sure you are not adding any redundant information to increase quantity.
  • Only quality will sell your course.

2. Sell tutorials

Nowadays getting quick skills are very common in knowledge commerce industry. People are looking for quick fixes and if you are providing the right information, you will make money from it. Tutorials keep people interested, and they don’t actually need to be very formal because you just have to make sure that what you are telling. Getting into formalities might deviate from you from teaching the skill. So, focus on the priority of making people understand you.

Following are few tips.

  • Tutorials might be sold on different platforms.
  • Make sure you are making an accurate tutorial with exact skill because extra information will take away the attention of viewers.
  • YouTube is the biggest host of tutorials, and it pays you for each view that you get and the platform has great credibility amongst the audience.

Final Words

Knowledge commerce has changed the ways of traditional knowledge and make it more efficient. With the current e-learning stats, we can predict that we will have access to almost all of the traditional and modern knowledge online over the next decade. This is the right time for benefitting and being part of knowledge commerce industry.