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How To Maximize Content for Law Marketing


Legal services can be a hard sell. This is due to several challenges that get in the way of many a law firm’s desire to achieve better growth numbers.

For sure, an industry that has been around for centuries is no stranger to obstacles. It merely adapts to the trends in technology and uses these trends to create something valuable in the long run. It is for this reason that law firms are encouraging themselves to update their business arsenals and become more attuned to the times.

The usual marketing practices have long been dropped, and law firms are now looking towards the new horizons social media has offered. Indeed, there is no better time for attorneys to become closer to their clients than now. But to be able to forge lasting partnerships, law firms will have to focus on educating their audiences about their services.

Without a doubt, this is something that effective content has to address. It is therefore crucial for firms to maximize their marketing investments by optimizing the way they craft and spread their messages.

The following are some of the best advice on maximizing your content strategy for generating quality legal leads.

Set your eyes on social media

If you don’t have an effective social strategy for your legal services, then you can say adios to your bottom line! The fact is, social media plays a highly important role in securing opportunities for law firms. In fact, according to a blog article by One400 – Law Marketing, the field has been impacted by social media so much that 62 percent of law firms maintain online profiles and that many more are frequently posting content through platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. It is for this reason that social media marketing is undeniably valuable to law firms considering the fact that they can generate a substantial amount of leads using their social profiles and fan pages.

Produce your own videos

There’s no harm in saying that you can get instantly famous by posting a viral video on YouTube. It is obvious that whatever you post online has the potential to getting higher shareability. But this is nothing like encouraging attorneys to leverage internet trends such as the cinnamon challenge! What law firms can do, though, is to produce their own educational videos and share them across their social media networks. After all, legal terms can be pretty daunting to a potential client, so you have to use videos to explain these concepts better and encourage them to hire your services.

Make literature available online

Looking beyond your blogging platforms, you can also create digital formats of case studies and other informational material to be available online. Such materials are crucial in building your credibility. By making these available as free downloads, you can provide potential clients additional information to help them decide on whether to contract your services. What’s more, you can also integrate these materials into your email campaign as an added bonus for subscribers to your mailing list. Still, you need to hire a good technical writer who is knowledgeable about the legal industry to make the type of content pieces that can perfectly fit your firm’s objectives.

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