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Business services you didn’t know you could find online

The job of running a business is time consuming and often stressful. A business owner has to be a multi-tasker because there are so many elements to keeping a business successful. However, thanks to some innovative entrepreneurs, there are tons of services you can find online that will help you to get things done in less time, costing you less money. Here are some you can take advantage of.

Social media management

Every business owner knows the value of using social media to market a business and its products and services. But, posting on social media sites is time consuming and answering customer queries from those posts is like a full-time job. You can save yourself some time by using a tool that schedules when and what you post throughout the weeks/months. For example, Buffer is a great tool that allows you to upload all of your posts at once and then posts them at the times and days you’ve specified.

Load boards

Shipping can be a complicated arrangement if you have to do it by yourself each and every time. Why not use a free freight search that provides load boards where you can find what you need? For example, a freight broker who can arrange all of your shipping for you. A broker usually takes some commission, but it saves you a lot of time and energy trying to arrange your own shipping, no matter how often you have need for it.

Responding to emails

Email is the top choice for customers when businesses ask how they want to be contacted. That means, many staff hours are usually taken up with responding to customer queries. Websites like Freshdesk are fantastic for getting more organised with your responses. It will allow staff members to respond in automated ways, thus freeing up their time. It also monitors how long the average email response takes and gives customers a range of ways to connect, including phone, chat and social networks.


If you’re a small business owner looking for an easy way to keep track of your money, Quickbooks can be used on your smartphone and your computer. It’s a fantastic way of never forgetting about your sales or expenses. You can even scan your receipts and Quickbooks will upload the amount to your accounts. So, if you’re a bit lax when it comes time to do your taxes and having to find all of your transactions, this is definitely for you.


Not so website savvy? Otonomic is a great tool for any small business owner who hasn’t got the time to create and update a website. The tool will connect to your Facebook business page and create a website using the updates made on your social media. It saves you from worrying about updating different platforms on a regular basis and it will be easy for your connections to find and follow.

You don’t have to do everything alone when it comes to running your business and making it a success.