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Build A Digital Presence For Your Business Website

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You may have all the traditional bells and whistles, but your website still isn’t performing like you had hoped. Your design may be beautiful, but aesthetic is not all there is to a successful business website.

You have to truly understand how the internet works to create a fully optimized digital design, and build a significant presence online. Luck for you, web design is not rocket science. Here are a few simple design tips to get you started down the road to digital visibility and financial success.

Create space for a blog

Every solid business website comes equipped with a well-written blog section. Your business blog is a tool for visibility and interest. It is worth financially investing in the content to build a loyal readership.

Your blog should keep them coming back for more. Write on industry specific topics, and share exciting news about your organization when the time is right. Check out how this website’s blog is laid out and the article headlines are specific to the company’s niche.

Optimize for mobile access

Mobile access to the internet is more prevalent than traditional methods (laptops and PCs), and your business website needs to take the changes in access trends into account. If web users have to pinch and swipe their tiny screens to view different elements of your website, they will quickly move on to another (more efficient) design.

Research the proper use of “media queries” to learn how to quickly optimize your web design for mobile access. Media queries will set your page up to automatically adjust to the size of the screen on the mobile device accessing the site.

Integrate social media share buttons

Social media is one of the most effective marketing outlets on the internet. Your website needs to tap into the vast community of social media to stir up added interest in your organization’s purpose.

The best way to link your website’s content to social media is to work sharing buttons into your design. Place the buttons in strategic locations along the way for maximum sharing power.

Educate yourself in the ways of SEO

Search engine optimization is the key to understanding the inner workings of the internet. Invest time, energy, money. Whatever it takes to absorb and use the knowledge SEO provides.

Once your business website is fully optimized, you will quickly notice a boost in traffic. You will also notice that your ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages) will rise, and the higher you are in the SERPs the better.

Encourage communication

Encourage communication at every twist and turn of your design. You have to stay in touch with your viewership to more fully understand the needs of your audience.

In addition to your website’s standard “Contact Us” page, add enticing little calls to action throughout your design. Your homepage and blog should both have communication opportunities.