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Be The Business Coach You Needed As An Executive

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Becoming the business coach you wish you had when you were an executive will reward you in many ways. For instance, you decide what hours you want to work. Plus, you can set your hourly rate.

According to, your average annual income is likely between $72,000 and $105,000. Of course, you can earn more depending on your education, experience, success, and network.

When you become a business coach, you can either work for a consultancy as an employee or start your own business as an LLC or sole operator. We have many articles on business structures to learn which is right for you.

A business coach is not a life coach. Your focus is on how to help your client improve in their role as a leader, a manager, and an executive. Whereas a life coach is more personal. A life coach is interested in how happy and content you are in your life. Also known as wellness coaches, the state of a person’s mental health is integral to the process a life coach will use to improve their client’s lifestyle and mental well-being.

Who Uses Business Coaching?

Everyone in business can benefit from having someone on their side working for them. A coach guides their clients in the right direction to succeed at what they are doing while avoiding mistakes along the way. For example, an accountant may be an expert at numbers and bookkeeping but lack people management skills. A business coach can work on that area by providing exercises, knowledge, and role play to hone the skill.

Business coaches are also important for new entrepreneurs and executives just starting out in the role. Plus, business coaches are not just for improving skill sets; they also come with industry knowledge. You may engage a business coach who knows an industry you’re new to. For example, you may have moved from a technology provider to an FMCG or private sector. All industries have their own unique values and strategy.

This business blog considers what you need to work out to become a business coach.

Decide On Your Niche

First of all, you need to decide on your niche for your coaching role. For instance, do you want to focus on new entrepreneurs and help them grow and develop their businesses, or do you want to specialize in a specific industry? Working out what type of business coaching you want to do will depend on:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Motivation
  • Reward

Your education and qualifications will open doors for you as a business coach. For example, a Masters qualification like an MBA may be a prerequisite to securing executive-level business coaching assignments.

Your career experience will also assist you too. If you’ve spent a decade or more in one sector at the executive level, this will help you quickly grab business as a coach.

What motivates you will determine what type of coaching you should do. Your energy and enthusiasm are needed so your clients have confidence that you can make a difference to them.

Reward is needed in any role, whether monetary or peer-based recognition. What you consider is the right reward for you will also factor in the type of business coaching you do.


One big challenge facing anyone setting up a new business is the investment and where to find the funding. You will need to invest in yourself to attract a business loan from a third party. It could also be worth applying for government grants and other financial institutions for some grants or initial investments.

Consider Coaching Qualifications

While you may be well educated, a business coach needs to know how to coach. The good news is there are many coaching qualifications and you can do them online. Perception is everything so get your coaching qualification before you undertake your first assignment.


Every business needs marketing. We have many articles on how to get started with digital marketing and social media.

Use these tips, and your business coaching firm should be a huge success!

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