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Analyzing and Auditing: Advice for New Businesses

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When you’re moving through the first stages of starting a new business, two of the most powerful concepts that you can focus on include analyzing and auditing. Because you can do anything you want. But until you figure out the results of your actions, you won’t know whether it’s something that you should repeat or not.

Some advice for new businesses might be to utilize Google analytics as much as possible, to understand how to work through big data trends, to use social media reach practically, and to work with feedback loops so that small changes can have a measurable impact.

Google Analytics

If you have a website, then Google is constantly analyzing your traffic. That’s why when you start learning how to use Google analytics, it’s such a powerful tool. You can see when people visit your website and for how long they stay. You can see how much interaction they had with certain links or pages. You can see how long it takes them to move their way through a page and then go somewhere else. All of that data is supplied for free, but it’s a skill to know how to use it to improve your business model.

Big Data Trends

If you can learn how to analyze big data trends, that will put you on equal footing with companies all across your industry. Since no human can comprehend the entirety of information flow that’s going on right now about any topic, computers have to do it. And the data that computers spit out is pretty much available to anyone who wants it. So if you’re in a position to start a new business, one of the first things that you should do is audit what big data says about trends that are on an upward trajectory.

Social Media Reach

Expanding your business’s social media reach is essential in today’s modern technological framework. Even with all of the static that social media is getting because of privacy concerns, it’s still vital that you at least understand how online conversations work, and how they can potentially benefit your bottom line. When you learn how to convert conversations into sales, that can be one of the cornerstones of your business model.

Working With Feedback Loops

The shorter you make your feedback loops, the better your results are going to be regarding adjusting your products and services as well. If you find out that your customers are responding positively to a certain style of messaging, you can quickly adjust that. Based on an analysis of interaction immediately after that change, you can tell whether it was a good move or not. A continuing process of working through these short feedback loops will ensure that your clients get what they actually want, and not what you think they want.

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