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5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Hair Clinic Website


This year, the average small business will spend $75,000 on digital advertising for their company. While this might be a drop in the bucket for a hedge fund, a small to medium-sized hair clinic should be able to see a measurable return.

If you want to get more traffic to your clinic’s website, you need to know the basics of digital marketing.

When people click on something online, they need it to bring value to their life. The same kind of interrupting advertising we’re used to seeing on television and hearing in radio don’t fly online. You need to be more clever than that to promote products on the internet.

If you want to get more traffic to your clinic’s website, you need to understand what the most common practices are. Follow these 10 tips to increase traffic and gain more clients.

1. Paid Ads

Paid ads are the most obvious way to get in front of your audience. Before you start buying up ad space wherever you can, you need to think about demographics to get more traffic to your site.

Who are you trying to sell to and which people are most likely to be interested in your products?

Look for sites that you would be looking at if you were interested in your services. Since you’ll be servicing an older clientele, typically male, and in a specific region of the country, find a site that ticks all of those boxes. Once you’re able to name one or two sites, you’ll start thinking of more possibilities.

See what kinds of prices they offer for ads and make a few comparisons. If you get some good quotes, let the competing sites know. You might be able to talk them down from their initial offer.

2. Social Media Matters

Even with the rise of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, people are still sticking with social media. Facebook and other social media channels allow you to target an audience to accurately reach them with your ads.

Instead of the random scattershot of buying a magazine or general website ad, your ads will be in front of your ideal clients.


Beyond simply buying ads, you should be creating good content that links back to your site. Since images of your products and services matter more than in other industries, you’ll get more traffic with great photos. Use sites like Instagram to show off your services and to increase hype about promotions.

Write some clever copy to accompany your images and you’ll raise eyebrows of your ideal audience.

3. Start A Blog

Writing a blog is one of the best ways to raise your profile online and increase your search engine ranking.

Search engines rank sites by how often they’re updated, how often they use important keywords, and how many other sites link to them. With a blog, you can hit all three of these markers. You can write important copy about products and services that informs and engages your audience.

Showing them how to care for their scalp or hair health shows that you are passionate about the industry. You’ll get more traffic when you give valuable information that gets shared broadly.

You can inform potential customers of new techniques like Capillus and laser therapy treatment. Show them a little bit of what’s behind the curtain. It will tell your audience that you’ve got a lot more to offer and aren’t afraid to share it.

4. Local SEO

As mentioned above, preparing yourself to be found by search engines will assure that your site is ranked highly when users search for services like yours. The best way to ensure you capture your audience is to focus on your local market.

You may have noticed that when you type “pizza” into a search engine, you’ll often get results for pizza shops closest to where you’re searching from. That’s because search engines use metadata, GPS information, and account data to localize your search.

They’ve found that most people want to get the nearest location for whatever potential product or service they’ve searched for.

Search engine optimization or SEO means looking good when users could be searching for you.


Ensuring that your photos have tags that describe your location and you use local terms throughout your site ensures you’ll build a local audience. Use street names, landmarks, your city, and your neighborhood whenever possible. You’ll see your profile gain prominence locally over time.

If you want to know more about local SEO and the importance of local citations, check out our guide.

5. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to build your profile and to increase your audience. Since the internet was begun as a way to build community, search engines still privilege this idea when returning results for a website.

Create a relationship with companies and websites that are in your field or whose products complement your own. You’ll get more traffic if you have them write for your blog and if you write for them. You can share your audiences with one another and increase your impact.

One of the major factors of search engine ranking is your brand’s reputation. You can increase your reputation by having more links that lead back to your site hosted on other sites.

When you write a guest blog, add some links to your post that go to relevant posts on your own site. Encourage your guest blogger to do the same and you’ll increase your profile and ranking immensely.

Get More Traffic With Good Content

Nothing will get more traffic to your site than having great content that resonates with your audience. People love to get information online so sharing information that also increases awareness of your products is a win-win. Traffic will increase as you increase your output.

If you want to know about tips for creating good content, check out our tips to make sure your content resonates with clients.