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3 Innovative Blogging Ideas to Cure Writer’s Block

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It’s every writer’s worst nightmare: staring at an endless blank page with nothing at all to work with and the clock ticking on a fast-approaching deadline. Blog writing requires skill and know-how, but the good news is you can learn how to articulate your thoughts into exciting words.

There will always be times when you’re just up to it, and this can happen to you no matter what it the job or task, so the starting point to getting your writing mojo back is to relax.
Yes, you heard, right. Stressing over your deadline is wasting valuable energy. In this article, we have a few tips we use when the words just won’t come.

Dealing with writer’s block is incredibly difficult when you’ve been working on a particular blog for some time, and keeping topics and content fresh can prove a real challenge.

The good news is, you can rejuvenate both yourself and your blog, just by following these simple, yet innovative methods.

Walk away from your computer

You’ll know when it’s time to take a break. Get up from your chair and walk away from your computer. You need to get the blood circulating to oxygenate your brain, so do a quick exercise routine. Include moving your arms, stretching your neck and legs. If you’ve got a pet, this is the time to say hello, give your dog or cat a few pats, or water your plants. Believe it or not, even putting on a clothes wash during this time away from your computer breaks the standoff you’re facing. Taking regular ten-minute breaks will energize you and improve your productivity.

Get Your Fingers Moving

Sometimes the most difficult aspect of writing an assignment is merely putting your hands on the keyboard and beginning to write. If you’ve got a particularly difficult piece ahead of you, you might feel intimidated by it and struggle to start. Don’t worry about your mistakes, though. Writing a hideous first draft is always preferable to not writing anything at all. At worst, you’ll have something to work with and improve on. But if you never start, you can never edit, proofread, and revise.

Revisit Old Topics

Even if you’ve covered a wide array of topics in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t still mine for new ideas in old stomping grounds. Indeed, older blogs present new opportunities to spout fresh takes on well-worn subjects. Maybe you have new views that you can voice now. Or perhaps you can offer greater insight than what you could in the past. Either way, don’t dismiss a topic just because you’ve written something similar beforehand. After all, both quality and quantity of content matters if you’re looking to boost your website’s domain authority.

Go Keyword Hunting

Having trouble thinking of a topical subject to write about? Never fear, you can always write an engaging blog by first doing a little keyword research. Determining which products or services your customers are interested in can provide you with a lifeline when you’re dying for the material. And whether you end up writing about a new type of collagen microplate or where to find a good bankruptcy attorney, having a predetermined keyword to base your article around can give you just the impetus you need to get started.


The truth about the writer’s block is that everyone experiences it; from Hemingway all the way down to the greenest high-school student, we all have difficulty expressing ourselves from time to time. The key to overcoming writer’s block is to work through it. Giving up, freaking out, and breaking down won’t help you solve your problems. Instead, try to stay calm and allow yourself plenty of time to finish your posts. That way, a little bout of writer’s block will come and go with no damage done.

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