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10 Tips for Creating Unique Business Cards That Stand Out

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Thinking of designing business cards you can hand out to clients or people you want to work with? Don’t settle for the common, plain white design.

Keep in mind that more than 27 million business cards get printed worldwide. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to design efficient and unique business cards.

Not sure where to start? To make first impressions that wow the crowd, here are 10 tips and tricks to design the best cards.

Straight to the Point Contact Information

Don’t like people calling you by your full name unless it’s for formal purposes? Then don’t put your full name on the card. Instead, focus on placing the name you want clients to call you by since this establishes a bond between you.

Your name isn’t the only information to place, however. You also have to include your email address and contact number but not in the way most people assume.

Don’t add your personal home number but don’t give an office number that makes clients go through an automated voice machine or a number of extensions before they can reach you. Make sure that the number you give leads to a direct conversation with you.

What about a physical address? In this day and age, physical mailing addresses are obsolete. If clients want to visit your office, they’ll look it up online, and if they want to send you snail mail or packages, they’ll likely call you about it first.

Legible Font

Unique business cards can look quirky and fun but always make sure that you use a legible font. Use a font that people can read even at a short distance. You don’t want people squinting to see what’s printed.

If clients can’t understand the printed details, they’ll give up on it and throw the card away.

For this reason, avoid cursive font. It can look good for your logo but it becomes difficult to understand when you use it for your name, email address and phone number due to their size.

Avoid a Cluttered Design

Yes, you want to include as much information as you can but avoid cluttering your business card. There’s no need to fill up every white space on the card. The best unique business cards are the ones that let the text breathe and give enough space for the important details to stand out.

By leaving some clear space, your card will look clean. Things like your logo and contact number become easier to spot and quicker to read. People won’t have to scour through the front and back to find the information they need.

Company Logo

The reason you want unique business cards is that you want them to stand out. It’s likely your client has multiple cards from several companies in their wallet. If yours looks like any generic card, the client won’t be able to identify yours at a moment’s glance.

One good way to make yours stand out and grab their attention is to put your company logo front-and-center. This ensures the client know exactly what your card is and what it represents before they even take a closer look at it.

Landing Page URL

Adding your website URL to your business card is a given. Almost every business has a website these days. However, unique business cards spin this idea by adding the landing page URL instead of a homepage URL.

Leading clients to your homepage make them go through extra clicks to find the more useful information. Reduce their effort by leading them straight to a page that showcases your service portfolio or your products.

Social Media Handles

It’s almost a guarantee that a business will have a social media page. They are as necessary as your business cards because these platforms allow you to connect with your clients.

Let your clients know by adding a URL, your social media handle, or the logo of the kind of social media platform you use.

Since you don’t want to clutter the card, don’t try to place every social media page you have. Focus on the ones that you use the most.

If your business focuses on visual marketing, for example, you’ll want clients who have your card to see your Pinterest or Instagram page instead of your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Simplicity Makes for Unique Business Cards

The best unique business cards are often the simplest ones. There is an air of elegance when you see a design that lets the combination of artistic style and space breathe.

A simple design allows the few details to shine. Putting too many details, colors, and visual flair can make your card appear cluttered and amateur.

If you’re at a loss, stick with the rule of three. This is a general rule that three elements are easy to understand. Go below that threshold and your card can look bare but go beyond it and your card looks cluttered.

Creative and Engaging Design

Never settle for a plain, white card.

This looks generic and clients will likely bury it with the other generic, white business cards in their wallets. When they need service similar to yours, it’s unlikely they’ll remember your card because there was nothing creative and memorable about it.

To that end, try to get creative with your business card design while still maintaining the simplicity and space to keep it clean and professional-looking. Some great ideas include using raised ink for the text or logo, monochrome designs, or adding a QR code.

Think Twice About Color Choice

Always reconsider the colors you use for your logo and business card.

Colors have a different effect when used in marketing. People often associate emotions and goals with colors, even when they don’t intend to.

Red, for example, can mean aggressive marketing or something bold and masculine. People often associate green with nature, health, and growth. You’ll see blue colors to help establish trust and yellow to showcase optimism.

Professional Printing

Finalized the design of your card? Don’t print them at home. The personal printer at home or an office won’t last long if you attempt to print hundreds or thousands of rigid cards at once.

Whether you buy business cards that come with a design template or use your own, invest in professional printing services.

Professional printing companies have large machines, high-quality ink, and rigid paper materials to guarantee you end up with excellent business cards. You won’t have to settle for flimsy business cards that crumple easily or smudge when wet.

Learn More Tips and Tricks Now

Unique business cards are memorable and effective in spreading awareness of your brand. They guarantee direct communication when needed and won’t get buried between other cards a person may have.

But success doesn’t stop there.

There are so many other niche techniques to beat the competition. Visit us today to learn more tips and tricks that can grow your business, like how a blog can boost your small business.