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Using Stretch Sleeve Labelling For Product Marketing

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Has your business considered using stretch sleeve labeling for its container-based products yet?

Stretch sleeve labeling has been around for decades for labeling more oversized items like gallons and larger bottle sizes for saying bleach and milk. However, you may not have considered it for your container-based products as there really wasn’t a label that worked on smaller items. Stretch sleeve labeling has evolved into an intelligent solution for labeling containers of all sizes. For example, any plastic bottle like those used for juices and soft drinks.

Technology has really improved the product, and now its use is more widespread. On Packaging Digest it describes stretch sleeving as a label decorating technique that hugs the product by conforming to the container shape. Smaller containers are now using it en masse, and here are four reasons why it might be time your business does too.

1. Environmentally Friendly

If your company is trying to go green, then these labels are a great option.

Stretch sleeves are made from a type of resin in most cases, which is considered an environmentally friendly option. A stretch sleeve also uses less film than other types of labeling and doesn’t require any adhesive. The film also does not need to have a heat source which saves energy on the production.

The sleeves are recyclable as well which makes them a great choice for any company that wants to go green.

2. High Impact Graphics

Although not all packaging solutions offer visibility to consumers, branding and shelf appeal are priorities for most companies. A label that maximizes the space available is a great way to stand out to consumers.

Stretch sleeve labels encompass the product and provide a 360-degree panel. The entire panel can display images, important information, instructions, and brand identifiers. This is not only cost-effective; the label also provides greater shelf appeal than other types of labels.

If maximizing the space available is vital for your brand, you’ll want to consider stretch sleeves to get the most from every inch.

3. Multiple Application Options

When it comes to adding labels to the product, the equipment and methods used can be varied depending on the manufacturer’s needs. The equipment used to apply the labels is inexpensive, and these machines are made from stainless steel, which provides a longer life span with decreased maintenance needs.

Additionally, the automatic applicators for stretch sleeves can be installed on manufacturing lines and tailored to apply the labels to products that are square, round, or other shapes as needed. The applicators can be changed quickly for companies that may make multiple products to avoid downtime.

4. Operation Friendly

The cost of labeling is always a concern, but stretch sleeve labels provide high-impact graphics with low operating costs. The stretch labels are resistant to elements which makes them longer lasting on the shelf, helping to save on costs.

The application process is also speedy, saving on manufacturing time and costs. Additionally, not using an applicator saves companies since they don’t have to purchase adhesives. Finally, not using glue reduces jams and potential downtime, resulting in lower operating costs.

These are only four reasons stretch sleeve labels are growing in popularity. They’re so economical to produce. They’re being used to transform the look of a regular product, so popularity soars, and the product itself may not have changed at all. The design and marketing prowess has been the game-changer.