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Top Traditional Marketing Techniques and Why They’re Still Relevant


At present, digital marketing strategies such as social media and blogging are driving growth in a lot of companies. For sure, these companies will continue to invest heavily on their online marketing efforts. For this year, spending for digital marketing will likely increase on account of major innovations in lead management and nurturing. And as automation continues to dominate as an integral part of audience engagement, companies are expected to focus their resources on the newest trends in technology.

For this, adoption of such technologies as cloud computing and automated marketing systems is the first logical step to stay competitive. Regardless, new technology has its own limits and there are a lot of areas where it fails in comparison to traditional marketing.

After all, you can’t always rely on new technology to give you an edge over the competition. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, has provided a lot of benefits to organizations. With that being said, companies shouldn’t disregard the value of these primitive means, considering that they are still very much capable in delivering what social media and other platforms can’t.

It’s just a matter of knowing which of these strategies to use in order to acquire the best in terms of results.

Print ads

We all heard somewhere that print is slowly dying. And given the fact that mobile penetration is increasing, print media might as well be in the advanced state of decomposition by now. However, there are still companies out there that make use of print ads in building their brands. At any rate, they get considerable gains from this strategy, which is why they are not letting go of newspapers and magazines easily.

Direct mail

Are you still receiving messages by courier service? Well, as long as the mailman visits you often, direct mail is still an attractive means of reaching out to your target audience. The facts speak for themselves: At least 92 percent of young people prefer direct mail when it comes to purchasing a certain product or service, and at least 48 percent of recipients retain their mail for future use, according to an article published in Alliance Business Services. Other than that, the same article also shows that response rates for direct mail has risen to 14 percent since 2004, proving time and again that the mailman will still be arriving at your door in the near future.


Who says cold calls should be good as dead? Besides, there is still a considerable number of companies that depend on inbound and outbound telemarketing in terms of customer interaction and lead generation. For one, MarketingProfs has listed telemarketing as one of the most effective lead generation tactics for B2B and it makes sense for companies to invest more in building a robust CRM system through telemarketing. But noting how complex it is to set up the needed infrastructure, Ameridial’s telemarketing service can help your organization streamline its audience engagement efforts. That way, you can focus more on core business operations knowing that your inbound and outbound campaigns are handled seamlessly by one of the best telemarketing service providers in the United States.

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