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Top Traditional Marketing Techniques and Why They’re Still Relevant

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Your company marketing budget will be mostly for digital marketing campaigns and this is the focus given consumers spend 23 hours a week online. If you want your brand to pull visitors to your website so you can keep them on it and ideally buy something from your store, market it online. We love writing about digital marketing and there is a lot of information to share including this article with tips on boosting your website ranking in search. Or this business blog post on optimizing content for snippets.

However, this business blog post is on traditional marketing strategies that are still relevant for many industries. Our research found a handful of traditional advertising strategies that are likely to last for some time to come, albeit technology will play a more significant role in their delivery. Let’s take a look at these traditional marketing types:

  • Billboards – motorways, public transport hubs
  • Print Advertising – magazines, local newspapers
  • DM Flyers – instore and direct mail


Who doesn’t like a good billboard? When you’re on the motorway or stuck in traffic billboards offer relief from boredom and more. Two-thirds of us are considered visual learners – i.e. we love images and learn the most from them. The saying a picture speaks a thousand words is popular for any other reason than it’s true. It’s why in digital marketing video content is preferred over static images. However, an intriguing image that’s hyperlinked to your site is also much better than just words.

Smartboards or Digital Boards

Back onto the topic of billboards – there are so many types of hardware, and some use the latest software for better outcomes. Even the name has changed to ‘smart boards’ or digital boards.

Plus the revenue from advertising has also improved increasing every year and expected to get to $41,593.9 million in 2030. Think of how successful the billboard advertising is at the Superbowl final. A 30 second Ad cost $5.6 million in 2020. The programmable digital display units are replacing the traditional billboard but consider the move progress and therefore a step in the right direction for outdoor advertising.

Static print billboards are not being replaced with all-things digital just yet. If you can afford this marketing strategy and your research proves your target audience will see it and take the action you desire when they see it then start working on a billboard campaign.

Print ads

We all heard somewhere that print is slowly dying. And given the fact that mobile penetration is increasing, print media might as well be in the advanced state of decomposition by now. However, there are still companies out there that make use of print ads in building their brands. At any rate, they get considerable gains from this strategy, which is why they are not letting go of newspapers and magazines easily.

Direct mail

Are you still receiving messages from the courier service? Well, as long as the mailman visits you often, direct mail is still an attractive means of reaching out to your target audience. 92% of young people prefer direct mail when it comes to purchasing a certain product or service. According to an article published in Alliance Business Services, at least 48% of recipients retain their mail for future use. Other than that, the same article also shows that response rates for direct mail has risen to 14% since 2004, proving time and again that the mailman will still be arriving at your door in the near future. 67% say it’s more personal than the internet.

Flyers in-store and in your mailbox are popular. From a business perspective, flyers are easy to do – when you have a professional agency and printing team working for you. Some consumers prefer to act on flyers they see in-store advertising an upcoming sale or new product release. Plus, the business can respond directly to any queries customers have about the campaign.