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Three Ways Companies Can Benefit from In-House Counsel


Employing a full-time attorney for your company’s growing needs not only usually saves money, it can help foster peace of mind, as well. It’s why more and more businesses are turning to in-house counsel rather than sourcing out all their legal needs. Think about it: Doesn’t it make sense to seek advice from someone who really knows you? In-house attorneys are trusted team members and, as such, they have a vested interest in getting their employers the best outcomes – quickly, cheaply and accurately. Otherwise, they risk losing their jobs. Private practice attorneys don’t have the same level of commitment to their clients, simply because they traditionally have more than one. Take a look at three ways having in-house counsel can benefit your company:

In-House Attorneys Give Better Advice

Having an attorney on staff means you have access 24/7 to someone well versed not only in your legal affairs, but your business affairs, too. It’s an important and distinct benefit that private counsel can’t approximate. An in-house attorney will be focused specifically on your company’s corporate affairs. Rather than pawning off pieces of work to associates, he or she will follow issues through to their completion. This gives each a unique ability to strategize and give advice because he or she knows all the nuances of your company’s operations, needs and goals.

In-House Attorneys Can Help Companies Be Proactive Rather Than Just Reactive

Frequently, companies seek out private counsel only when a need arises. It’s a reactive endeavor that doesn’t address the million and one issues that could and often do pop up during routine staff and management interactions on a daily basis. An in-house attorney that is part of a team and is present for weekly strategy meetings and other day-to-day operations can interject recommendations, relay information and help predict future issues as a matter of course, not just necessity. It’s a difference that means your company can better identify and address its risks, potentially averting disaster instead of always just cleaning up its mess.

In-House Attorneys Take the Pressure Off

Let’s face it: companies are pulled in a thousand directions, especially in our global economy. Having an in-house attorney can help relieve some of the pressure that management has to “do it all.” They can easily determine when a business needs extra help—for instance, consulting an H1-B lawyer regarding a foreign national hire—and they can pitch in as a team player when resources are low or there’s a need for a negotiator’s touch. In short, they not only help businesses determine what they can and can not handle efficiently and effectively, they can serve as an extra set of hands, leaving more time for top management to utilize their own core competencies.

It’s clear that savvy companies can capitalize on in-house counsel for more than legal services. Can you think of other advantages?

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