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The nuts and bolts of choosing the best HR software in India

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India’s SMB segment employs 40% of the Indian workforce and plays a significant role in the Indian economy. With continuous innovation and different models of operations, SMBs are pushed to use HR technology to automate and simplify their processes for managing personnel. Most SMB focused vendors are flooding the market with consumer-centric solutions enabling this industry to implement HR solutions quickly and easily at a low cost. Choosing the best HR software in India can be challenging with changing trends in business models and the numerous options available in the market.

What do you look for when you are keen to invest in HR technology? Well, here are some quick pointers to help you make decisions.

Functionality: When we look for an HR solution, we may look for applications in different areas of HR like recruitment, onboarding of employees, learning management, an employee self-service portal, performance management, attendance and leave management, payroll processing, etc. Look for the various modules supported by the HR software against your needs. You will not want to still spend a lot of manual effort even after investing.

Support: When we have actual data passing through these complex systems, we might encounter a number of issues. So, we need a support team who can resolve these issues quickly without much downtime. This is a key factor to consider as many organizations have moved to different software solutions due to lack of good support from the existing vendor.

Security: We have too much of employee information flowing through the systems and it is important for the system to be secure. Look for a software with high standards of security as we have a lot of confidential information at stake here.

Usability: User experience should be good and many SMBs look out for ease of use as one of the key factors while choosing the HR software. Organizations do not want to spend time on training or going through lengthy user manuals today.

Accessibility: With various kinds of operating models and policies, the HR software might need to be logged into from anywhere, any device. There are many cloud/mobile based solutions today which allow users to login according to their convenience.

Integration with other systems: Though it comes as a complete package, many organizations might invest only in modules they would need. In that case, the HR software should be able to integrate with the organization’s existing systems. For example, an HRMS system should be able to integrate with the existing online payroll software and online attendance management system. Most of the vendors who offer HR software also offer an online payroll software India.

Customizable: You should be able to customize the software as per the needs and policies of your organization. There is no use in investing in a software and then identifying workarounds for some of your key processes.

The success of an organization depends on its HR personnel and the technology they use. HR software has become a necessity today to bring in data security, data consistency, data centralization and a smooth workflow.