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Steps To a Successful Product Launch

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When you have a new product to launch, the process has changed a whole lot from what it used to be like. Gone are the days of simply sending out a press release, arranging a tour, and doing a few interviews. From there, you’d just sit back and wait for different articles, mostly offline, to come rolling in. But in the day and age that we live in, there are so many different ways to help launch a product, for good or for bad.

For starters, there are fewer and fewer main news outlets for people to get their news from. There are many more online publications and influencers that will be where people will look for their news. Plus, any news or coverage that you do get can be quickly pushed lower down when more recent or ‘new’ news comes in, in the online world. So with your tactics and approach needing to change for a product launch, here are a few tips and tricks to make a launch much more successful, in these times we live in.

Start Planning Early

You can just expect anyone, blogger, journalists, or reporters to be able to write about your new product as soon as you want them to. They will have their own deadlines and writing schedule, so you need to get in with them early. Outreach should start around two months before you need your articles written, as it can take time going back and forth, as well as fitting in with schedules.

Use Bloggers and Influencers

Like them or loathe them, bloggers and influencers are an essential part of marketing in this day and age. So if you’re looking for a first step, then getting them on-board can be a good idea. If they have got a sizeable audience that listen to what they are saying, then having some of them review your product, to then write articles and link back, is really key. They can also be good to talk to about the pros and cons from an unbiased user, prior to a launch.

Get To Trade Shows

If your product and business are in a particular industry or is aimed at a particular industry, then it is a good idea to be promoting to those people. So networking, and going to things like trade shows could be the thing you need to get word out. With a stellar trade show booth design, you can draw in potential clients or customers, so that they can try out the products and learn more about it. The more people hear about it, both online and offline, the more it will stick in their memory and lead to them giving it a try.

Share on Social Media

These days, being on social media for your business is really key. So getting on there if you’re not already is your first step. From there, working alongside influencers, you can share sneak-peaks, use video, and get people excited about what is coming. It can build interest and get people looking forward to the next thing that your business can offer.

Do Something That Stands Out

With social media (see above point), it makes sense to create something that will really help you to stand out. If you are able to create a video, event, or stunt, that can lead to a post or video going viral, then it can be a great thing to do in the run up to your launch. It could on the scale of a flash mob, or simply down to an infographic that can be shared online that is useful to a lot of people. You never know how it can help your business, and it could easily lead to more sales or downloads.

Make It Simple

If you have a product that is a new piece of tech, for instance, then you need to be able to keep things as simple as you can for customers. Are there videos that you can create around tips and tricks for its use, for instance? Much like a Google Home that has several articles on how to make the most of it, even the small things that children can join in with, it can make it easier for people and encourages more sales. When things are spelled out for people, it makes a big difference in how engaged they will be with it.

All in all, it is a good idea to have a lead up to the launch, and simply have the launch day as the time when it is actually available for purchase. Unless you’re Apple or Microsoft, then the chance of a worldwide buzz around the launch isn’t likely.