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Link building 101 – what makes a great link?

Any good link building campaign must start with the creation of a solid strategy. But, definitely, link building is no longer what it once was. After the famous Google algorithmic update known as Google Penguin, lots of the link building strategies that used to work wonders no longer do the job. Now, quality reigns over quantity, and all SEO professionals need to update the strategies in order to keep positioning content. But, how does it work now?

First, it needs to be pointed out that any link building strategy is characterized by four parameters:

  1. Quantity of new links
  2. Quality of new links
  3. Speed of new link’s creation
  4. Diversity of the number of domains from which we receive the links

In general, the perfect link building strategy would be that which is capable of getting a good number of quality links fast and from a wide range of domains. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, quality now reigns over quantity. In this way, we need to choose platforms which are pioneers and leaders in our sectors, in our same language, and that are free of penalties.

Guest blogging works better every day. Logically, you need to select high quality websites. Thanks to guest blogging, you will not only get a new link, but you will also get to a new audience, improving your spreading.

Social link building has also gained a lot of importance after Google’s latest updates. Why? Because the number of users grow every day, as well as the time that is dedicated to this medium. Furthermore, these users give a lot of value to the votes and comments published by other people. How can we take advantage of the social networks for SEO positioning?

  • By creating our own profiles in the social networks on which we will promote our content.
  • By giving users the chance of sharing our content.
  • By developing a community surrounding our brand.
  • By participating in groups and communities with professionals from our sector who can share our posts.

The natural text, both of our domains and our anchor text, is another key for our actions to function without being penalized. For example, it would not be natural for a page to get 2000 links with the same anchor text coming from one single domain! This is why it’s important to diversify the link text as much as possible. Don’t always use the keywords that you wish to position, but use semantic variations instead.

And, finally, the content itself is one of the most important attraction sources. Quality content that gives value, that marks tendencies, that is fun or even polemic, will have more chances of attracting links in a natural way.

So, would you like some more detailed information about how to design a good building tactic and what makes a great link? You can find a complete and detailed guide here.

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