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It’s Spring: Time To Clean House In Your Business


Spring has sprung, and this means that your business needs a tune-up. There should be two months in the year that you choose to set a date for clearing out the cobwebs in your business and revisiting where you are wasting your business cash and wasting your time. Sometimes you need to give your business a good shake. You can identify the areas of the company that need to be rejigged and shaken up so that you can make the right improvements.

The reason that you should do this twice a year is so that you can give your business new life. Being able to check on the processes that make your company what it is and correct the parts that are failing will mean that you can keep your business on track to reach your goals.

The lighter evenings and slightly warmer weather should be the push you need to start shifting some of the business clutter, and the best place to start with this is with your business technology. Productivity and sales in your business mainly lie within the efficiency of the technology that you use. With these spring cleaning tips, you can ensure that your business is in tip-top shape until the next scheduled clean up.

Polish Your Tech

You do not have to be a technology buff to know what business devices you need for your company. You would choose the tools that are important to your business, and that helps you to manage the tasks that you desperately need to complete. You need to think about your business relationship with technology. For example, using the services of the right semantic technology company can change the way that you use your disorganised data and make it far more valuable to your business.

Technology in your business should support your aims and help you to reach your goals while allowing your business to be protected and brought to life.

Email Dusting

The one bugbear for most business owners is the influx of rubbish emails and spam. Spam emails are terrible, as all they do is fill up your inbox and your data storage with digital leaflets. It’s effortless to be distracted by the digital world, but if you give your email servers a good dusting by unsubscribing from emails from spam companies, you can be less distracted and have a lot more server space.

Roam Away

The beauty these days with business and technology is that you don’t have to stay in one place to do it. If there is a chance that you could breathe new life into your business by going mobile, then why not do it?

The time that we are in allows for us to be given a choice to migrate out of stuffy offices with even stuffier server rooms and use mobility to help your business to grow. You could achieve far more by shaking off those cobwebs, leaving your desk and getting out into the world. You can browse the web, answer emails and manage social media from anywhere now, so you could air out your business the right way.

Get Clouded

If you’re going to move your business out of the office, then you need to get on board with the cloud. An innovation of the digital world, the cloud can bring your business a value that you wouldn’t have thought possible. You get the storage and the security with the cloud that you wouldn’t get with a standard server, and the storage possibilities are massive.

Investing in the cloud can mean huge leaps for your business in terms of goal achievement.

Get ‘Appy

People use their tablets and smartphones every single day, and apps help people to access areas of their business from anywhere. If you want to improve customer experience, you need to clean up the way that you have optimised your business website and go that one step further. A freelance UX designer can help you to design an app that would be modelled against what your customers would love to know about you at the touch of a button. Going from having a mobile optimised website to having an app is a great way to shake off your business dust and get squeaky clean.

Security Clean

Technology can make your business the most secure that it has ever been before. It’s so much cheaper to look after your business and preempt something going wrong than picking up the pieces after a security breach. Your data is precious, and you should have proper, solid research into what security your specific business needs to stay safe no matter what.


Streamlining business processes is so much easier with automation. Using mailer services to automatically send out the business reminders that you need to clients, or to send offers to customers that are on an opt-in list for emails can make your processes more efficient. You can even automate payments so that bookkeeping and financial operations are faster, cheaper and cleaner than before.


Lastly, you should be thinking about how you can audit your current daily activities and the activities of your team around you. You may be doing things in a particular way, but why would you if there was something better out there to make your business work better? For example, you may decide that remote working would be better for your company and effectively send all your staff home to work instead. This type of clean up can mean that you are looking after your staff as well as your business.

Spring cleaning is hard enough at home, but when you’re done, that feeling of a newly shampooed carpet is something that can’t really be replaced. When it comes to your business, you can go into the next financial quarter feeling relaxed and happy with the effort that you’ve put into shaking out the cobwebs of your company. Don’t be afraid to mix things up to make your business more reliable than ever.

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