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How Screen Printing Changed The Fashion Industry

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If you take a look in your closet, chances are you’ll notice that you own at least one of two items of clothing that feature a screen printed image. However, many people don’t really know what screen printing is or it’s importance in the clothes we wear every day.

Screen printing is an ancient art that can be traced back to 960 AD during the Song Dynasty in China. At that time, screen printing was used to create the first paper money, as it allowed them to create images on the money. Following the Song Dynasty, Japan and other Asian countries began adopting the screen printing method, and screen printing became a legitimate art form. In the 1960s, screen printing was used by protesters during the Civil Rights Movement in order to create bold signs and banners. Famed artist Andy Warhol was also using screen printing to create his pop art pieces, including one of his most famous pieces, The Marilyn Diptych. Warhol continued to use screen printing as an art form throughout the rest of his career, and it is something the late artist is still famous for.

Today, screen printing is a wildly popular art form, and the technique is used to create designs on t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and countless other items. The screen printing method is done by placing ink on top of a mesh-covered frame or screen and squeegeeing it onto a substrate until an image appears. Another screen printing technique involves stenciling, which is achieved by using stencils, mesh screens, and a light source. In more recent years, many screen print artists have chosen to use glosses and other materials in order to achieve a high-quality finish.

Screen printing today is easier than ever, and it seems like there is a screen printing shop on almost every street corner! With innovative modern technology, screen printing has now become one of the most popular forms of art. There are now several forms of screen printing software that people can purchase to use at home, and technology like artwork proofing software makes screen printing more accessible than ever before. If you are a business looking to purchase custom screen printed products, there are countless resources right at your fingertips designed to make your life easier. More and more people are beginning to use screen printing to create beautiful, vibrant products, and many fashion designers have even started using the screen printing method. Scarves are one of the most popular things designers have been known to screen print on, as well as purses, robes, and ties. Websites like Etsy and ArtFire allow merchants to post photos of handmade screen printed goods in order to sell for a profit, and screen printed items are among some of the most popular items for sale on these websites.

The art of screen printing has come a long way since its early beginnings, and it has become an important part of modern art and technology. Next time you find yourself at the mall, take a look around and see how many screen printed items you can spot!