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Critical Aspects Of A Successful Business Website Design

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Getting down to business with your website design, there are a few aspects of it that work hard to attract visitors, and you need to know if you have them on your site.

Success of your business website starts with how it looks i.e. it’s visual appeal and how intuitive it is to navigate.

Every site wants traffic but not just traffic from anywhere targeted visitors who are genuinely interested in what your site and business offers with products or services. The critical factor is to nail down is the critical website design features that maximise page views and the ultimate outcome, i.e. online sales.

In this article, we have a few of the most critical aspects of a successful business website design. Take notes, and start optimizing your site’s plan today.

Optimize your design for mobile

Most people use their mobile devices more often than their PC or laptop now for accessing sites, receiving email and visiting social media platforms via Apps.

Google is mobile-first which means it uses the mobile version for indexing content before the desktop version of your site. This is the core design strategy for your site.

Use the same meta tags, and the same content on your mobile version too.

Mobile-ready sites also rank better with Google’s search criterion.

Include social media share buttons

Social media is the internet’s most frequented social hub, and your website has everything to gain from linking itself to social media. Integrate social media share buttons all over your site.

Your blog is one important spot for these share buttons, as people love to share new information and interesting facts. You may also want to include social media share buttons on the homepage of your site for easy referencing.

Encourage communication with your Blog

Communication is the most powerful tool you have for conversion. Write blog articles, and share to your social media pages. Encourage comments within the social media posts, and don’t stop there, allow and participate in blog comments to interact with your website users.

Make good use of your “Contact Us” page. Accept feedback via a CAPTCHA protected contact form. The CAPTCHA will stop spambots, so you know your subscribers are real people. Add a sign-up form for your monthly newsletter, and on other pages on your site add a banner that encourages the user to sign up.

Meticulously integrate the concepts of SEO

If you are not familiar with the concepts of search engine optimization (SEO), then now is as good a time as any to begin enlightening yourself. Search engine optimization will teach you to understand how the internet works.

SEO teaches you, more specifically, how the search engines work. When you better comprehend how search engines like Google derive their results lists, you can better design your content to rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Enlist in Google My Business

For businesses that also have a brick and mortar address to compliment their online presence, visibility must enlist in Google’s My Business listing. By engaging, people will be notified of the location of your organization should someone search for relevant listings nearby.

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