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Are You Spring Cleaning Your Business Every Quarter?

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Spring has sprung, and even if you’re reading this blog post in another season – it’s always a good time to review your expenses.

Savings can be found everywhere in a business so make time every quarter to assess where you can cut back on outgoings to improve your bottom line.

All businesses need to invest in their future and the funds come from profit and loans. When you commit to reviewing your overheads both fixed and variable, you’re not only assessing if you need the service but also if there is a provider that can give you a better deal.

Your clients are assessing how your business fits them and their requirements so you too can do likewise to ensure you’re getting what your business needs now and in the near future. The questions you need to ask about all business costs are:

  • Does the service meet my business’ needs today?
  • Am I getting the best deal for my business?
  • Can my business reduce its overheads by prepaying?
  • Will my business have better cash flow using a subscription model?

Digital Adoption

Productivity and sales in your business mainly lie within the efficiency of the technology that you use. With these spring cleaning tips, you can ensure that your business is in tip-top shape until the next scheduled clean-up three months from now.

Take your business online and your customers will thank you for it. You may not be quite ready for Business 4.0 however you can start with your digital transformation so you can:

  • Hire offshore workers and freelancers
  • Provide eCommerce services
  • Use Live Chat for customer support
  • Embrace automation for lead generation
  • Improve IT security

One sure way to get the skills your business needs is by hiring offshore workers. First, your business needs the technology for remote working and this will take some investment. However, you’ll probably soon realize your business doesn’t need the large physical office so you can remove that overhead and use the funds to invest in cloud computing and collaboration tools on a subscription service.

eCommerce will replace your manual orders in next to no time at all. Your clients can find your business online when you’ve optimized your website and online store. Your marketing will also take a new direction – going digital and using apps and software that automates customer data capture and personalized campaigns.

Technology in your business should support your goals of productivity and efficiency while ensuring all online assets are protected from cybercrime.

Your business will need an IT security policy that includes cybersecurity measures to protect your customers’ data and your assets from hackers and ransomware. See this article on how to keep your business safe from cyber threats from within the company.

Get Clouded

If you’re going to move your business out of the office, then you need to get on board with the cloud. You get the storage and the security with the cloud that you wouldn’t get with a standard server, and the storage possibilities are massive. Plus the cost savings will be motivational.


Streamlining business processes is so much easier with automation. Use as much automation and AI in your business as you can to reduce staffing costs, and improve productivity, sales, and service.