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5 Ways Your Office Move Could Go Terribly Wrong


Moving your office is an exciting time. No matter why you’re moving, it’s going to be a long and arduous process. You’re going to be dealing with new employees, you’ll potentially have to say goodbye to existing ones, and you might meet some new neighbours. You might have more space to play with and add things like new computers and devices, or you might have a smaller office which is perfect for tight-knit employees (not to mention the savings you’ll get for a smaller office!).

However, moving your office is a huge task, and it can easily go terribly wrong if you’re not properly prepared. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of ways that your office move could go terribly wrong.

Moving into a new office is a drastic change, but many things could go wrong if you’re not careful!

Reason #1: Getting dates wrong for moving in, utilities and so on

It’s always good to ensure that your new office is up and operational by the time you move in. Sadly, you might end up having to speed up the process and make a few errors with the dates. Whether it’s the internet not working when you move in because the engineers haven’t fixed something or forgetting to inform your employees of date changes, make sure everything is completely transparent and set in stone so that you don’t make any silly errors.

Reason #2: Forgetting to inform your customers

Many business owners try to create a completely seamless transfer to a new office, and they might not even tell their customers that they’re moving. However, if something happens and there’s a delay, your customers will be wondering why your services aren’t working, why it’s taking forever to get a response on social media, or why your website is currently down. You haven’t been able to fix it. Inform your customers if you plan to move so that you don’t end up with a huge backlog of complaints.

Reason #3: Neglecting to stock your new office

Did you remember to get new office supplies? If not, then you might be in trouble for your first day at work. Make sure you stock up on things like paper, printer ink, pens, pencils and everything else. Even tea and coffee can be important, so don’t neglect to make a list of things that you’ll be moving over from your old office and what things you need to purchase to re-stock. The last thing you want is to lack basic supplies in your office and to slow down your business.

Reason #4: Failing to change your address

You probably have a lot of advertising material and public profiles, so make sure the addresses and phone numbers are changed on everything. If possible, set up a redirect service on your old phone system or address to ensure you get everything passed over to your new location. Don’t neglect to change your information on social media or in your Google business profile either!

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