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5 Ways a Graduate Degree Can Help You as an Entrepreneur

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Finding a place in the economy where there is a need is a great skill. This talent helps create new industries, niches in old industries and allows your business to revolutionize products and markets. It can be simple. Sometimes you personally experience inconvenience and realize there is a solution to this inconvenience. Necessity is the mother of invention, but while it often inspires inventions, it them neglects the subsequent business that follows.

After a demand is met by your product or service what’s next? How do you adapt from there? What is needed to grow, compete, survive and thrive in a competitive marketplace? Business is becoming an increasingly complicated landscape. Because of this, it is often helpful to get a leg up in business through education. Here are five ways a graduate degree can help you as an entrepreneur.

Understanding the Business Landscape

Often when we go into business, we understand our niche, but typically not much outside of it. However, as the business expands, new and more complicated factors arise and require knowledge and understanding to navigate effectively.

As you learn your business, you may also need to learn how the surrounding landscape is changing and how to work and communicate effectively within it. In order to grow with your company, it is important to expand your understanding and knowledge beyond the walls of your office space.

The knowledge of how to avoid the pitfalls inherent in business and successfully adapt to the complex business world is easily obtained through graduate study. And with the ease and access to online courses, like MPAs and MBAs, not getting  an advanced degrees makes alot less sense. This is particularly true now, when classes can be taken remotely and during convenient times.

Communicating with Other Businesses in Their Language

If you understand your business, but don’t know what someone means when they talk about P and Ls, an esheet or the difference between a permit and a license, you could embarrass yourself and more importantly lose potential business and business relationships. People often talk jargon when they talk to their counterparts and contemporaries, and it is important that you have an understanding of what that jargon means.

In order to fit in and grow your business network, you must be credible. That credibility starts with speaking the language of your industry and the tangential parts of it. This language is part of what is taught in business school and schools of public policy. Pursuing education in these fields can help you communicate effectively in the complex world of enterprise.


Efficiency in business is always critical. Waste can kill an otherwise brilliant business model. In order to understand efficiency in today’s world, you must know the degrees of efficiency made possible by modern technology. What was efficient yesterday might be competitively wasteful today.

How do you know? What are your competitors doing? How can they keep their prices low and their quality high? Being in business today requires broader understanding of how to get things done.

There are regulations to navigate, instruments to utilize, data to analyze and all of it requires a fluency in productivity so you can operate at the levels of efficiency needed to compete in the business world. Knowledge is key, and that knowledge comes from studying.

Advanced degrees provide a great way to improve the efficiency of your business operation. Studying also can tap you into best practices and infrastructures that you might otherwise be unaware of. This knowledge can often be a game changer and improve operations and the bottom line.


Because of the internet and the ubiquity of shipping and transportation, a small business can have worldwide interest almost right away. A small company in Nowheresville, USA can ship their products to every corner on the planet. Effective global marketing means your company can be found in those remote corners as well. This assumes they take the appropriate steps to be found and operate in a way that is scalable.

Learning how to do all of this can be a problem, but this is a good problem to have. If your company isn’t scalable or findable in  the global marketplace, you will lose your competitive edge.That would be particularly tragic in a world where selling to seven billion people is becoming easier and easier.

In order to assure you can scale and adapt to a growing marketplace, having a strong background is a great foundation. MBAs and MPAs are often the resources needed in the competitive, but opportunity laden world.


School is often where we make lifelong friends. This can be particularly relevant with business interests. When you spend time in classes with people of similar interests, you create natural bonds that can be mutually beneficial down the road. Graduate degrees are more specialized and also cater to a more accomplished student body.

This makes graduate school an excellent place to find and connect with people who can help with your business or assist you  in navigating the business landscape. Sometimes this can mean a partnership or aiding each other in various niches. And having the same or a similar advanced degree as someone else can be an opening to create a relationship.

Filling the need in an economy is the best way to succeed in business. But if you want to sustain your success, knowledge is critical. That knowledge is best when it comes from experts. Access to those experts is as easy as pursuing a graduate degree. Every class will bring you into the world of experts, including your peers and your instructors. And because advanced degrees are now so easy to obtain online as well as affordable, pursuing an advanced degree makes sense as well as cents.

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