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5 Reasons to Hire Appeal Lawyers

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Losing cases such as product liability claims can end up ruining a company’s reputation. That’s why it is important to have a legal plan to appeal such cases if the plaintiff wins or if they lost an are appealing the verdict.

Although your company may have attorneys that represented your interests during the case, during the appeals process, you should consider hiring an appellate law firm. Here are five reasons to hire experienced appeal lawyers.

Experienced with the Appellate Process

Although the trial attorneys are familiar with the case, they may not have the necessary experience to appeal a decision. Appellate lawyers are specialists in the appeals process. They know when to appeal a decision, how to appeal it, and how to build a case during the appeal trial.

Gain a Fresh Perspective

Appellate attorneys can bring a fresh perspective to the case because it is new to them. Sometimes during a difficult case, the trial lawyers can develop blind spots because they are firm in their opinions regarding the applicable law regarding a case.

By looking at the case with fresh eyes, an appeals attorney can spot some things the trial attorney may have overlooked. They may also find issues with the defendant’s handling of the case that allows the decision to be appealed.

Familiar with the Judge’s Perspectives

Unlike a trial judge that witnesses the case as it develops and considers the facts at hand, appellate judges become familiar with a case by reading briefs written by attorneys or bench memos. After the briefs are read, the appellate lawyer then makes an argument to try to impress the judge.

Appellate attorneys know what the judges want to know when deciding whether to move forward with an appeal or to deny it. Judges do not want to take cases that will set bad precedents, which an experienced appeals attorney will know and be careful to avoid.

Performs Important Research

Appellate lawyers familiarize themselves with previous precedents set in other cases to help build an appeal. This research of previous cases, most of which are from other jurisdictions, helps them build a strong case to present to an appellate judge.

Depending on the type of case that is being appealed for a business, the attorneys may already be familiar with other cases they can use to help win the appeal. They can use their research to draft motions and pleadings to bring before the court to convince the judge to move forward with an appeal.

Trial Attorney Doesn’t Handle Appeals

Many attorneys are specialists at either presenting a case during a trial or appealing decisions. Since many trial lawyers do not regularly handle appeals, you should hire a lawyer who specializes in doing them to get a better chance at winning the appeal.


An appellate attorney has the necessary experience to find reasons for a decision to be appealed. They know how to persuasively write legal briefs and present the information during an argument before the court that can convince appellate judges to grant an appeal.

Instead of relying on a trial attorney with little to no appeals experience, consider these five points when deciding whether to hire an appellate law firm.

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