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Should You Sacrifice Your Toys For Your Business?

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We’ve all heard that starting or owning a business requires some personal sacrifice. Serial entrepreneur Nathan W. Morris is quoted as saying, “The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you’re willing to sacrifice.”

However for every quote like this there’s counter quotes like the seventeenth century proverb that says “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So, should toys be sacrificed for Business? Yes, and no may be the answer. What you give up if anything at all will depend on how much the toys are worth and if they’re a drain on your cashflow. Even if downsizing your hobbies is required; it’s important to have interests away from the business for blowing off steam and calibrating your work-life balance.

Improving productivity in the workplace is a challenge for all business owners. Not only do they want their staff to do more in less time, their own productivity levels are analysed and challenged. A study by CEB says we work harder when we have the right work-life balance. So here are a few activities worth considering for their fun factor, and potential feel good results starting with luxury first.

Go For A Drive

Taking a day off to go for a nice long drive is a great way to combat stress. You’ll want to do in style too. Hitting the road in a Chevrolet Camaro certainly will make you look good and feel good. The Camaro is known for its iconic look as well as its world-class performance; and these days they’re a lot more affordable going for around $25,000. There’s nothing quite like engaging 650 horses (horsepower) of a supercharged six-speed engine for making you feel better.

Or how about trying out these activities….

Get Creative and Ease Stress with a Musical Instrument

Did you dream of being a rock star when you were younger? The lights. The fame. A lot of us did, but of course it didn’t work out as a career choice. However there’s nothing stopping you from letting off steam and bring out your inner ‘music star’ personality by regularly playing a musical instrument — even one of the most successful business magnates of all time, Warren Buffet likes to play the ukulele.

There are real health benefits from playing and listening to music including the positive effect on mood. It’s also said to keep the mind sharp, maybe this is why Warren does it? So consider taking a break from business and breaking out the axe, cranking up the amp and experience the stress release by have a good ole blast on the electric guitar or ukulele if that’s your thing.

Go Camping In An RV And Breathe It In

For a real change of scene the activity of camping is the real deal. Hook up the RV and head out to the middle of nowhere. A couple of days in the wilderness is just what the doctor ordered. Going off-the-grid will boost your mood and relieve the stresses of urban life and running a business. Remember to get outdoors do day walks or go mountain biking to increase oxygen intake. Plus getting exposure to the sun supplies you with vitamin D. Regular planned short breaks throughout the year can be done in RV rental to keep the cost down but set you up for greater productivity when your working on and in your business. Now what can you do indoors to take a break….

Play Video Games for Improved Cognitive Performance

This may come as a surprise to many, but playing video games can be beneficial to your mental wellbeing — of course, everything in moderation. But when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, go ahead and take a break from business. Get together with some friends and go conquer something.

See there’s no need to give up toys and hobbies for business. Taking regular breaks will improve your health and productivity.

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