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Sales 101: What to Avoid During a Sale so the Customer Doesn’t Bail

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When learning the delicate art of sales, a lot of prospective candidates can get caught up in learning the best techniques and one-liners to lock in that sale. One of the most common things they forget to consider is what to avoid when making a sales call. You can have the best patter in the world when talking to a potential client, but if you don’t give them a chance to speak, the client will turn to someone who is willing to ask them what they need, instead of telling them why their product is the best.

Whether you’re new to sales, or just brushing up on your technique, or looking on how to increase the sales enablement for your team, make sure you don’t make these three mistakes that will surely send your potential client running for the hills:

Don’t talk too much!

I have already touched on this point during the introduction, but let me go in to a little bit more detail. When you ring a prospect, you are calling up for a conversation about your product or service. Here is the definition of the word conversation, ‘a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged.’ The sales call doesn’t count as a conversation if you are not willing to let the prospect speak. Take the time to learn about what your prospect is looking for, ask them questions, but make sure to listen to their answers. Once you have gathered enough information about the client’s wants and needs, you can work out the most effective strategy and solution for them! By building rapport with a prospect, you can converse with them on an emotional level and are definitely more likely to make that sale.

Don’t let the prospect lead the sales process!

So after telling you not to talk too much, it’s now time to tell you not to talk too little (insert sigh of frustration here). You should keep goldilocks in mind when making a sales call and constantly be assessing whether the amount you are speaking is just right. By allowing a prospect to lead the sale, you are letting them control the situation and putting them in a position of power. The best way to lead a sale is by asking questions, show the prospect you are interested in their wants and needs and are able to offer the best strategy and solution for them. Asking questions also allows you to drive the conversation and take it where you believe it needs to be in order to secure the sale.

Don’t forget to ask for the sale!

If the whole point of the sales call is to make a sale, you have the right to ask the customer for a commitment. You’ve strenuously planned for this meeting, researching the clients business and what their needs will potentially be so you can prepare to tell them how your product will benefit them, ask for their business! As long as you make sure you ask in a non-threatening, joyful manner, people will respond positively.

Stick to these tips and I’m sure you’ll make a great salespeople. Remember, it’s not just about what the best thing to do is, it’s also about what the best thing NOT to do is.