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Knowing These Macbook Basics Can Make Running Your Business a Little Easier

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Nowadays, you need a desktop computer or laptop to get by in the world of business. Sure, tablets and smartphones now have so many more features and are becoming increasingly useful. But when it comes down to functionality, potential, and ease of use, you just can’t beat the traditional computer hardware! There are two main competitors on the market that most business owners tend to choose from – Microsoft or Apple. However, if you’re reading this article, we’re going to assume you’ve opted for an Apple Macbook. This is a brilliant choice. It’s compact; it’s extremely fast and less prone to hacking and malware! But they can take a little getting used to. So, to make your day to day tasks and activities just a little easier, here are a few tips and tricks to bear in mind!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts is the simple process of pressing a given key or combination of keys in order to quickly access a particular function within a computer programme. Some are universal. For example, for bold text on a mac, you merely press “command” and “B”. For italics, you press “command” and “I”. For underlined text, you press “command” and “U”. This saves time rather than using your mouse to make the changes. You may have to look up shortcuts at first. But once you start using them more regularly, it will become a habit, and you can save vast amounts of time when typing or carrying out other activities.

Screen Capture

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain something to someone else in your office or a business partner that’s just not conveying itself sufficiently in words? Well, the good news is that you can easily use screen capture on your Macbook. This takes a snapshot of whatever happens to be on your screen at the given moment. This can then be sent on wherever you’d like it to go. So, whether you’re trying to explain a change in design to a colleague who isn’t at their desk, or simply want to prove something without the hassle of printing and scanning, press shift, command and 4! Your screenshot will automatically save to your desktop. If you want to capture a process or something in motion, you can always use video screen capture.

Spotlight Search

So many of us spend extended periods of time searching through files or applications to find the documents or programmes we want. But this is because we haven’t yet heard of “spotlight search”. Spotlight search is a search feature available on most Apple products. All you have to do is press the magnifying glass in the top bar to the right of your screen, or you can press command and your space bar at the same time. A search bar will load, and all you have to do is type in keywords for what you’re looking for. It will appear in next to no time!

These are just a few seemingly minor tips and tricks, but if you get used to using them, you will save time and hassle. This all serves to keep your business running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Perfect!