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How Using A Fitness App At Work Sharpens Your Productivity

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Most of us keep apps on our phone that have very specific purposes. We have an app to track a to-do list, an app we use to message friends and colleagues, and so on and so forth. Few apps can multitask outside of their intended purpose, and we presume the benefits of each app end when we shut it down. One kind of app that seems most liable to only apply to one area of our lives is dedicated fitness apps. Surely fitness apps are only applicable to one specific area of your life – your fitness?

Not so. There’s actually a real benefit to using fitness apps, particularly in terms of training your mind to be as productive as you can be. The area you will most notice the benefits of a fitness app (outside of the app itself) is in relation to your career. A fitness app truly can help you to hone skills and achieve personal growth that are genuinely transferable to your career or business endeavors.

Not convinced this is possible? Read on to see just how big a difference fitness apps can make to your professional life…

Goal setting

Fitness apps are all about setting goals. You set goals for your calorie intake, your exercise, even your macronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats. This level of micro-management teaches you how to set goals and provides hints and tips to help you achieve them– just like business and professional apps do. When you use a fitness app to work towards your fitness goals, you’re actually practicing a transferable skill, and it’s a skill that will be incredibly beneficial to your career prospects.

Fitness apps teach you to make notes, observe changes; they also provide you with data you can analyze to see patterns and trends. All of these skills are essential for your business life, too. So while it may feel like your fitness app is teaching you about fitness and nothing more, the app is actually helping to nurture your goal-setting, note-taking, and observational skills.

The most common reason why most people fail in fitness app development is that they simply don’t write their goals down so research the apps available and select one that truly offers value to you beyond your fitness.

Reminders and notifications

Fitness apps tend to rely heavily on notification systems; reminding you to input to your food diary or examine your recent workout schedule. Getting into the habit of both checking and responding to these notifications is excellent practice for dealing with tasks during your professional career.

By developing a habit of seeing notifications as signs of something you need to action, rather than just ignore or do at a later date, a fitness app encourages you to have a proactive attitude to all tasks. When it comes to navigating your career or business opportunities, being proactive is an extremely helpful string to have to your bow.

Seeing a plan through

Strategizing for a career or business future is tough; you often have to make decisions that you won’t actually experience for years to come. However, by focusing on your fitness via an app, you’ll learn to set a plan and then follow it through to fruition– which will stand you in good stead for your future career planning, too. Who knows; maybe you’ll have such a strong appreciation for the life-changing abilities of an app, you’ll be tempted to switch careers and develop your own app!

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