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How Shrink Wrapping Changed Business

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Shrink wrapping has revolutionized many industries, particularly in the food industry, extending the shelf life of perishable goods. This has allowed even small businesses to be more competitive and has resulted in cost savings for packaging.

Other industries have also found innovative uses for shrink wrap, creating new business lines and increasing revenue while giving some a competitive edge. Overall, shrink wrapping has been a game changer for businesses looking to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Here’s some information on what it is and how it’s being used by businesses globally.

Shrink Wrap Explained

According to its Wikipedia entry, the most common type is polyolefin which comes in various thicknesses, strengths, and shrink ratios, and these types: PVC, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene are also popular.

Using heat can shrink and seal, and it has so many uses, including wrapping entire buildings.

You may be wondering why this would be necessary; after a natural disaster, the building might be compromised, e.g., lose its roof, and the shrink wrap can protect it from elements like rain and wind. When it’s being built, you may also see a property covered in the ‘plastic’ or its exterior cladding replaced.

Smaller products may be placed in a shrink-wrap bag which is heated using a handheld heat gun.

The wrapping of books, fragile objects, and even luggage in travel are common uses of this innovative packaging solution. Such is the popularity of it; businesses can now buy a shrink wrap machine online and expect to also get the latest news and product information.

How Could Your Business Use Shrink Wrap?

Here are some of the benefits of its commercial use in business today.

Cost Effective

Shrink is among the most affordable packaging products, particularly compared to other packaging. Compared to cardboard, it can be up to 50% cheaper, and typically, you’ll achieve cost savings on materials of between 40%- 60%, and this is only the start. It’s also a space saver.

Space Saving

Some industrial products tend to require more space to accommodate traditional packaging. However, when they’re shrink-wrapped, there’s next to no increase in size. This reduces the cost of shipping and other transport as well as warehousing.

Increase Marketing

Finally, this product is also perfect for branding and extensively used in marketing. Shrink Wrap is printable, so your business can use its real estate to advertise the product and your brand. Using offline marketing is complementary to your digital marketing campaigns.

Businesses keen to innovate and be competitive will continue to find new uses for this packaging solution. Investing in a shrink wrap machine will be like buying a printer, meaning they’re not just the domain of manufacturing and packaging industries. For example, traditional bricks and mortar businesses realize they too can recognize they have them on-site to improve their supply chain efficiency and open up more business opportunities.

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