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Environmental Impacts – Choose Your Smartphone Wisely

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The United States and Western Europe lead the world in smartphone sales, reports The Pew Research Center. Pew goes on to share that 95 percent of Americans own some type of cellphone, and the share of Americans who own smartphones has soared from 35 to 77 percent. The rest of the world is catching up as well, according to Strategy Analytics, with 44 percent of the global community acquiring smartphones.

Keeping that data in mind, it is important to acknowledge that there are a lot of smartphones floating around the world. With frequent upgrades and planned obsolescence, it is important to think about what happens to discarded and outdated smartphones.

As a responsible global citizen, you probably want to know more about how your smartphone purchase affects the world.

Smartphone Disposal Is Leaving a Negative Footprint on Our Planet

A strange thing has happened around the globe during the past few decades: we have become a disposable society. Whether discussing smartphones, razors or food, people greatly do not seem to operate from as conservative of a position on goods as we all did decades ago. It may be due to a number of factors:

Regardless of the reason that so many people are participating in mass disposal of devices, you have the ability to make better decisions that will help reverse this trend by buying high-quality.

Make a Difference: Supply Your Employees with a High-Quality Smartphone

As a business owner, you know how essential it is that you provide your employees with a high-performance smartphone so they can maintain productivity while making sales calls or traveling the globe on your behalf. At the same time, you likely have a budget to which you must adhere.

The Galaxy Note8 price is definitely worth a closer look when it comes to selecting a smartphone investment to keep your business flourishing while also keeping the planet healthy for future generations. With a more thoughtful and cautious approach to smartphone purchases, everyone can help reduce any negative environmental consequences of our digital world.

While some people may assume that a good price for a smartphone indicates less focus on quality business-related features, that is not the case with the Galaxy Note8. One of the best features of this smartphone is the inclusion of the S Pen, which allows users to take notes without unlocking their screen. Doodlers can even freehand some sketches during long meetings, or simply enjoy the comfort of writing with a stylus that feels more like a pen. You can also enjoy a stunning a 6.3″ QHD display over an infinity screen, the Android 7.1 Nougat operating system, 64GB of internal memory, 33 hours of battery talk time, Bluetooth 5.0 and so much more.

Take a Closer Look at the Environmental Impact of Technology

By carefully researching your next business smartphone investment, along with any other technology investments you make, you are certainly at the forefront of ‘responsible business owners’ trying to make our world a healthier place by lessening your company’s environmental impact.