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Business Fleet Management: Advice For Driver Safety

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Did you know that commercial road traffic users, such as lorry drivers and fleets of business vehicles, account for a small but growing number of road accidents? The main cause of accidents is user error, which means that for businesses, it is vital to make driver safety a priority.

If your business is employing people to drive your fleet of vehicles up and down the country, naturally you want to ensure that they drive in a safe and efficient manner. Here are some of the most vital fleet driver safety tips and pieces of advice to take note of.

Don’t ignore technology

While distracted driving remains a major issue for road users, that doesn’t mean that technology should be ignored. The fact is that having effective fleet management software in place, including Sat Navs installed in every vehicle, can help to increase efficiency, saving time and money. However, it is also vital that you implement a rule that states no smartphones or smart devices to be used while the vehicle is moving – they must be stowed away in a bag or put in the pull-down compartment out of sight. It is also vital to encourage your drivers to understand how dangerous it is to use a Sat Nav while driving. Teach them that if they need to make a change to the details of a journey, to pull over safely first.

Don’t skimp on vehicle maintenance

For business fleets, a regular vehicle maintenance schedule is vital. If vehicle maintenance is not performed on a regular basis, it can lead to the insurance of your vehicle’s being voided. Ensure that before any long journey, tire pressures, oil levels, and water levels are checked. Then on a regular basis, book each vehicle in for a thorough checkup. One area that it is vital to check is the wheels; vehicle wheels can come loose, and when they do, the consequences can be devastating. While checking them regularly is the key to preventing accidents, utilizing tools like the worlds safest wheel nut indicator, for instance, can also help to reduce the risk of a wheel coming off because a wheel nut indicator becomes loose. For a safe fleet of vehicles, schedule regular maintenance checks.

Reward your drivers

Rewarding your drivers for safer driving is a tool that will ensure your fleet drives as safely as possible. Using contests to promote safer driving will encourage your employees to think carefully about how they drive, which is a vital part of working as a driver for a fleet. Incorporating monitoring software into your vehicles that tracks vehicle speeds and driving style is a key tool for this. It can also be highly beneficial to use software that provides feedback to drivers, helping them to reduce bad habits.

It’s your job to ensure that your drivers remain safe while on the roads because dangerous driving can lead to terrible accidents. Plus, dangerous driving can also give your company a bad name, damaging its reputation. Take driver safety seriously and ensure that each of your drivers from your business’s fleet is clued up when it comes to what is and what isn’t safe driving.

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