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5 Packaging Design Tips to Sell Your Product

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Retail is an incredibly competitive environment. If you want to make any serious money, then you need to use every tactic you can to drive up sales of your product. The packaging in which your product is displayed and sold will have a considerable impact on how well it sells. It is worth your time investing in the design of your product packaging; you may well be surprised by the difference that it can make.

There is an art to designing packaging. It is not a simple process, nor is it a case of going for the cheapest option. Sometimes, spending more on the packaging will allow you to charge more for a product without changing what’s inside. Here are some tips to help you start your design process in the right way.

Know Your Audience

This is the most important consideration when designing any aspect of your product, which includes the packaging. You always need to make decisions with the end buyer in mind, especially when considering something such as product packaging, which should sell your product to your audience. It is worth investing in some market research. You want to have the most detailed information possible about the demographics of your audience.

Make the Benefits Prominent

Your product packaging should tell any potential customers what the main advantages and selling points of your product are, in the most efficient way possible. This means making these prominent on the packaging by using bold typography and fonts so that they can be read at a glance. This will greatly increase your chances of selling your product to impulse buyers.

Weigh up Your Options

Don’t just go for the first packaging design that is proposed or choose the first options that are put in front of you. Instead, you should consider all the potential options and choose the one which best suits your product and which you feel will be the most efficient in selling it to your audience. Why not take a look at the Douglas Machine website for some inspiration? They offer a range of different packaging types and will give you a good idea of what’s available.

Work to Your Price Point

With premium-priced products, you can get away with some expensive packaging, even if it adds a couple of dollars to the price tag. Customers who are in the market for premium goods want a premium experience too, so offering them luxurious packaging is an easy opportunity to give it to them. On the other hand, if you are targeting the budget-priced market, then you will want to opt for packaging which is simple and cheap, but which still conveys your message.

Consider the Shopper

You need to think about how a customer who has no concept of you or your business would react to your packaging. Customers who are already loyal to your brand will buy the product anyway; it is the ones who don’t know who you are that you need to convert.

Choosing the right packaging for your product can make a significant impact on sales. You need to make sure that you take the time to work out the best packaging method and materials, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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