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4 Of The Best In-Store Promotion Ideas

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Marketing is synonymous with the internet these days. Everything has to be an acronym, such as SEO or PPC if it is going to work. Of course, the truth is that the tried and tested methods of yesteryear – offline advertising – still work like a charm. Yes, the impact may be lower than it was in the 60s, but people still consume info outside of the World Wide Web. For store owners, this is great news because it means you can get into the customer’s head while they shop. Here are the four promotional ideas to remember.


As the name suggests, a ‘markdown’ is an item or service that has depreciated. Owners don’t like to use this tactic often because it can affect the shop’s bottom line, but it is useful. Think of supermarkets such as ASDA which has a ‘whoops’ range of products. Shoppers actually walk past the aisle just to check what’s in and whether it’s worth snapping up ASAP. Plus, the imagery is pretty eye-catching. A price with a line through it, or a new price tag, both grab the attention of the customer and piques their interest. As a rule, the bigger the reduction, the better the advertisement.

Window Display

The advert can be inside but the shopper can be on the outside looking in. Dragging customers off the street and into the store is an excellent way to boost sales and revenue. What’s more important is the fact it works and has done for decades. How many times do you go shopping and buy only the necessities? Answer: not often. Normally, a mannequin in a shop window can convince you to splash out, as can a sign saying ‘half-price sale.’ To master the art, make sure yours has a meaning and makes sense. Be funny, be political, be exotic but be on point.

Ceiling Signs

Mixing technology with offline is a fantastic way to catch the eye. Screens, for example, are hard to ignore such is our love for TV. But, TVs are expensive and costly to run so you need an alternative. Hanging signs from ceiling is something lots of businesses do, even the huge corporations. Like a screen, a dramatic sign that dangles from above is almost impossible to overlook. Therefore, customers will take in the information even if they aren’t interested. Also, they are excellent sources of info and add value to the shopping experience.


The term ‘go local’ isn’t a pretentious phrase. Okay, so the idea of shunning foreign produce because it comes from abroad is a little xenophobic. However, if you can look past it, you can appeal to a wide range of people. With anti-import attitudes surfacing around the world, shoppers want locally grown produce. The same goes for items and services, too. As a result, sign championing goods from down the road will encourage people to unshackle the purse strings. This method is particularly effective for food and drinks companies. Don’t be afraid to promote organic produce as that is another important movement.

Out of these examples, which do you believe will be the most effective for your retail business?

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